BECHS Board of Trustees

The BECHS Board of Trustees is the governing body for the member-supported non-profit organization. Per the Society’s By-laws, the Board is comprised of 12 to 20 members who represent Blue Earth County. Each member can serve three three-year terms. The Executive Committee consists of the Board President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and at large members. New Board Members are elected at the Annual Meeting held in March.  Board of Trustees applications are due by January 31, 2017. 

Shirley Piepho, President, Skyline
Dana Truebenbach, Vice President/Treasurer, Good Thunder
Julie Lux, Secretary, Mapleton
Joe Farnham, At Large, Mankato
Kevin Allen, Madison Lake
Dale Benfield, Lake Crystal
Jessie Beyer, Mankato
Dan Bruss, Mankato
Randy Dinsmore, Mankato
Preston Doyle, Mankato
Sandi Garlow, Mapleton
William Steil, Mankato
Marnie Werner, Mankato
Ken White, Mankato