Things to do in Blue Earth County in 2018

Blue Earth County is full of great places to see that many people don't think to visit. Or many places that people don't know exist in Blue Earth County. Check back each week to see what new places we recommend to check out and learn more about those places. Follow the hashtag #ThingsToDoInBEC2018 on social media and tag your pictures of visiting these places using the same hashtag!

June 17: Attend the St. Clair Days Celebration in St. Clair

Hometown Grocery Stores

By Hilda Parks

Do you remember when you could walk to the local grocery store on the corner?  Can you recall the smell of sweeping compound, or the yellow charge slips you took home?  Maybe you were a child after candy or gum, or was it the place to pick up a little gossip while you shopped?  Do names like Torrey’s across from Lincoln School, Heil’s on Madison and 5th, or Hale’s in North Mankato bring back memories?

A Little Big Piece of History

By A Blue Earth County Historical Society Volunteer

In Blue Earth County, when someone thinks of historical places, places like the Hubbard House, the Lincoln Park area, and the Dakota (Sioux) Memorial may come to mind. Many of us see them every day. However, yet another site that some of us may see regularly may not come to mind. It’s right in Sibley Park: the George Ott Cabin.

Franklin Elementary and their Lasting Commitment to Education

By A BECHS Volunteer

There are 10 elementary schools located in the Mankato Area Public Schools system and while many share a long, rich history, there are few that can match that of Franklin Elementary School. Named after Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, the school has been a part of Blue Earth County history for over a century.

Mankato’s Harmonia Hall

By Hilda Parks

The Mankato Harmonia Association was formed in the 1870’s as a German singing society.  Its membership included many of the most important businessmen of the community.  Desiring a large and well-ventilated hall for performances, the group undertook the building of Harmonia Hall, located on Second Street, between Hickory and Walnut.


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