Building Expansion Update 7 – 8/20/2014

This past Saturday we opened our new traveling exhibit, Minnesota Disasters: Stories of Strength and Survival, in the lower level of our building. This exhibit was possible because of the expansion. If you did not have a chance to see the exhibit this past Saturday, it will be on display through October 4. Stop by and check out our new space and the progress made up to this point.

Building Expansion Update 6 – 8/13/2014

Great progress was made again this past week. At the beginning of the week, our painter Mary began transforming the future traveling exhibits and gift shop areas.  The blue and maroon walls are now a beautiful shade that compliments all of the stone, bricks and tiles.  We still have cleaning projects and light construction available if anyone is interested in helping. If you would like to help with any of the projects, please contact Danelle.

Building Expansion Update 5 – 8/6/2014

We have made great progress in the past week thanks to some great volunteers. This past weekend, the wall that was put up in 1988 to help separate the two levels was removed, making it easier for staff, volunteers and visitors to move between the two floors. To help our volunteers know what projects and cleaning needs to be done downstairs, all they need to do is look for one of several post-it notes. If you would like to help with any of the projects, please contact Danelle, there are a lot of post-it notes.

Building Update 2 - 7/2/2014

It’s official, the building is ours! Over the next few weeks we will begin cleaning and painting the lower level before moving the Museum Gift Shop and Marian Anderson Art Gallery. One of the challenges that we face will be making sure that we can alter some of the walls within the building. If you would like to physically help with some of our light construction projects, please contact Jessica.  

Building Update 1 - 6/24/2014

We are about to enter into a very exciting time for the Blue Earth County Historical Society. As of July 1, 2014 the entire building will be ours. Here are some of our current plans for the building.

One of the biggest changes will be to move the main entrance to the Warren Street entrance instead of the current Cherry Street Door. First, we will begin with cleaning, painting and light maintenance work in the lower level, including opening the second stairwell between the upper and lower levels.

How can Social Notes be helpful for researchers?

Many people would not think the gossip column from a newspaper could provide useful genealogy information, but there are little tidbits that can come to the surface that help unlock different mysteries. For example, from the Mankato Free Press in 1907 related to Madison Lake:

“Farmers between here and Janesville who have organized a county telephone line took out a number of poles from Madison Lake, Wednesday. The line will connect with the Cannon Valley System at Janesville and besides that place will give service to St. Clair and Cream.”

What are the best ways to find and copy naturalization papers completed by your ancestors?

The best place in Minnesota to find naturalization papers is to visit the Minnesota Discovery Center is Chisholm, MN. As a part of their collection, they have all the naturalization forms on microfilm.

The Research Center at the Blue Earth County Historical Society has a copy of the index for all naturalization records that came from Blue Earth County. The information included with this index allows the researcher to know which reel of microfilm they need to look at, as well as contact information for the Minnesota Discovery Center.

What genealogical resources are available outside of the Internet?

The internet seems to be the place where people go to find out more information about their family history. There are many great resources available online, but there are also many great resources available offline as well to assist in your quest for your family, they often just take a little more digging.


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