A Brief History of Shelby Township

 Shelby was first settled by Norman L. Jackson in 1855.  In July of that year, Casper, George J., and Simon Hoffman staked claims in the township as well.  The next year, many people migrated to the township; in fact, so many new settlers arrived that the township’s area was increased.  The town got its name at the request of Reverend J. W.

A Brief History of Le Ray Township

Le Ray Township once sported the clever name, “Lake” for several months before being changed by William Cole for his home county in New York. This name was awarded to the township due to the numerous lakes lying within its boarders. These plentiful lakes fostered lush forests that clustered around the townships boundaries.  First settlers arrived in 1856 to the majority of the township as sections of the land were part of a Winnebago reservation. Naturally, the new settlers took quickly to the lumber industry. A few mills and a store sprung up; later a school.

Mankato's Normal School

By Jacob Johnson

Minnesota State University has gone by many names since the 1800’s, but the first name the university went by was the Mankato Normal School.  The school began in 1868 and kept the name until 1921 when the name changed to Mankato State Teachers College.  The beginning of the Mankato Normal School has images of fire, new buildings and an undefeated football team. 

A Brief History of Judson Township

Stretching 38 square miles, Judson Township was the largest township until 1895 when South Bend provided some of its township to Mankato. The luscious timber snagged the attention of many incoming immigrants. The majority of settlers were Welsh people. The first to claim territory were Chester Hill, John Randolf, and Rev. John Tidland, who settled in the summer of 1853. Three short years after their arrival, Judson was administrated as a town.

Hubbard House Assistant Position Open



The R. D. Hubbard House Assistant is a part-time, seasonal position that exists for the operation of the Blue Earth County Historical Society (BECHS) R. D. Hubbard House and will work with the BECHS staff and volunteers to meet the needs of visitors to the house. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

President Taft Visits Mankato

In what was a western circuit of President William Howard Taft’s campaign for re-election, the GOP incumbent stopped for part of a day on October 24, 1911, in Mankato.  His special train arrived at 11:28 a.m. from Omaha at the Milwaukee depot.  Besides the president, there were United States senators and congressmen, judges of federal and state courts, military men and those prominent in private life. 


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