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A Brief History of Beauford Township

Beauford Township was given its name in 1866. Prior to then it had been part of the Winnebago Indian Reservation. Its landscape was characterized by lush prairie and plentiful timber. James Morrow Sr. was the first white settler. After his arrival more followed bringing with them their families and prospects. The following years a school, church, and a creamery sprang up, which all impacted Beauford’s history.

Mankato's First Radio Station

Mankato’s first radio station was KYSM, which was constructed in 1938. The station cost about $100,000 to build, which is about $1.5 million in today’s prices. KYSM had two studios, a 281-foot radiator tower and the best equipment of the time. During the day, its broadcasting power was 250 watts, and during the night, power was 100 watts. The station went on-air from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.—19 hours.

A Brief History of Decoria Township

Lying between the Big Cobb and Le Sueur Rivers sits Decoria Township. Decoria is notable for many things including being one of the last settled township in Blue Earth County. It is a township rich in culture, values, and dedication. Because of its incoming settlers, Decoria managed to establish three churches, eight schools, and many other unique organizations. There are no towns located in Decoria, but many people call this township home.

The Two Towers

By Jacob Johnson

The first thing I noticed when I first visited Minnesota State University was the two towers, Gage dormitory.  Gage was a place that always had students coming and going.  Many MSU students have called Gage home the past 47 years it was in use.  However, now the Gage two towers are ghost towers.  No longer buzzing with the energy from its occupants and now waiting for the day that it is imploded.  Gage has been the setting for many memorable stories and taking a look at its past is a good way to see how it came to be such a memorable place. 

TBT - Jeff and Mutt

While it may seem impossible for a little dog and a big cat to be best friends, that is exactly what happened in the early 1930s at the Sibley Park Zoo. Mutt the lion and Jeff the dog were inseparable from 1932 to 1942. While some worried that Mutt would harm his little friend, the two got along exceedingly well. In fact, many accounts from the 1930s bragged about Jeff controlling Mutt, such as when the dog broke up a fight between Mutt and his father.

TBT - Bierbauer Brewery

Bierbauer Brewing Company was the first brewery built west of St. Paul, MN. William Bierbauer and his brother, Jacob, had fled Germany’s 1848 revolutions and later became part of Mankato’s founding residents.

In 1862 the company opened among the hills of North Rock Street. They used the hillside caves to store and cool the Bierbauer beer kegs in the days before electricity.

TBT - Mankato's Red Cross and World War I

The United States declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. With this declaration, many men from Blue Earth County enlisted for the Great War. For those who remained at home, there were bond drives and tin collections to raise money for the war efforts. The Mankato Red Cross was formed on April 16, 1917 and much of the organization’s work during the Great War revolved around raising funds.


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