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TBT - Iron Truss Bridge

Prior to 1880, in order to cross the Minnesota River from Mankato to Belgrade Township, people had to use a ferry. In 1878, the state legislature approved the building of a bridge across the river. Funds were raised and the cornerstone was laid in October 1879. Because the river was important for steamboat traffic, the bridge construction included a section that would pivot to allow large boats to pass through. The bridge opened in 1880 for both pedestrian and horse traffic.

A Brief History of South Bend Township

When Captain Samuel Humbertson sailed past South Bend in 1853 he immediately resolved to settle there. His fellow crewmate’s agreed whole heartedly and soon they began a small settlement. So small- in fact- it is considered one of the smallest in Blue Earth County. The men were astounded by the lush forest landscape and mesmerizing rocky surroundings. A large portion of this land was sectioned off to become Minneopa State Park, a very popular attraction today. This park also contains a famous historical landmark, the Seppmann Mill.


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