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A Brief History of Vernon Center Township

The first settlers to Vernon Center arrived in covered wagons, eagerly drawn to the areas abundance of wild game and timber. A majority of these settlers arose from Mt.Vernon, Ohio, where a small group was assembled in search of land. Once they arrived, the area was given a name, a mill, a hotel, post office, and school. The hotel built had to be suddenly transformed into a barracks and stockade in 1862 in preparation of the Dakota Conflict. Captain Sullivan’s Company H of the 10th Minnesota Regiment was stationed there.

A Brief History of Sterling Township

Sterling Township is a close knit township located approximately 25 miles South of Mankato. Residents are proud of its historically set values and high regard for education. The township encompass’ a strong sense of community and an avid passion for the arts. Today Sterling is recognized for its lovely surroundings and the historic Sterling Congregational Church.

The Heritage of Vernon Center

The first white person to settle in the Vernon Center area was Israel Wing who located in spring of 1855.  Two seasons later, a townsite company formed atMount Vernon,Ohio, called the “Blue Earth Company.’  Its two most active members, Colonel Benjamin Smith and Benjamin McCracken, spearheaded the surveying and early settlement of the village.  Smith came with machinery for a sawmill which functioned until the Dako

A Brief History of McPherson Township

McPherson Township is a scenic township containing the city of St. Clair, formerly known as Hilton. In 1863, the Winnebago Indians were removed from the land and incoming settlers soon made it their home. The building previously used as the Winnebago Agency was put up for sale, and soon converted to a hotel. After that it was passed down through families to serve as homes. It continued this trend until 1986 when it was decomposed beyond repair. The owner had it burned, although the plot remains marked today.


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