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A Brief History of McPherson Township

McPherson Township is a scenic township containing the city of St. Clair, formerly known as Hilton. In 1863, the Winnebago Indians were removed from the land and incoming settlers soon made it their home. The building previously used as the Winnebago Agency was put up for sale, and soon converted to a hotel. After that it was passed down through families to serve as homes. It continued this trend until 1986 when it was decomposed beyond repair. The owner had it burned, although the plot remains marked today.

A Brief History of Shelby Township

 Shelby was first settled by Norman L. Jackson in 1855.  In July of that year, Casper, George J., and Simon Hoffman staked claims in the township as well.  The next year, many people migrated to the township; in fact, so many new settlers arrived that the township’s area was increased.  The town got its name at the request of Reverend J. W.


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