What genealogical resources are available outside of the Internet?

The internet seems to be the place where people go to find out more information about their family history. There are many great resources available online, but there are also many great resources available offline as well to assist in your quest for your family, they often just take a little more digging.

A great resource is your own family. They can often tell you names of family members that extend out. Unless you have an extremely close family, people often do not know the names of their great-aunts and great-uncles. There may be great stories just waiting to be told if someone asked grandma or grandpa about them.

Outside of family, one of the best ways to find more information about your family is to visit a local or state historical society. While many of these places have online sites, you can often find more information by visiting yourself or submitting a research request directly to the people at the historical society.  Click here to be linked to the Blue Earth County Historical Society’s online index for the Research Center. Visiting your local library can also be beneficial as they often have microfilmed newspapers which can help you find obituaries.

Never be afraid to ask questions while at a historical society. You never know when a question might direct you to a great nugget of information. Working at a historical society, I have seen one person ask a question and another researcher give great advice for another spot to look for their family.

Do you have other suggestions where to do genealogical research offline? Comment us with suggestions!

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