Diners and Restaurants to Remember

Bernadette Wilson
Issue Date: 
Summer 2005

The Blue Earth County Diner’s Club has been visiting restranuts around the county. The author was given us an overview, some history and pictures of some of the restaurants the club has already visited and includes information on others that they have not yet had a chance to visit or which no longer exist.

Key Word Search Terms: 
Point Pleasant, Sheppard,Nelson, Hruska, Zotalis, Longbranch, Halverson, Wycoff, Haefner, Wagon Wheel, Uncle Albert's, Anderson, Fromm, Henze, Lyn Del's, Bergy's, Jamison, Thorson, Hollander, Preri Bach, Cambria, Zabel, Crane, Mell-Brandts, Durkee, Candy Kitchen, Rapidan, Uptown Tavern, Cottage Cafe, Thunder Bar