Fall Harvests

Jack Madsen
Issue Date: 
Fall 2009

In by-gone years fall harvest began in July. Farmers depended on someone who owned a threshing machine powered by a huge tractor, such as a Case. While waiting on the availability of the threshing machine, the Farmer had to cut, dry and stack his grain.  Plow horses pulled the grain binder which would cut and bundle the grain with twine.  Hand labor did the shocking, piling bundles (six or eight) together for drying. Thence, the shocks were hauled home to be stacked. On harvest day, the threshing machine and tractor were carefully positioned and the process begun. The grain was poured into a truck or wagon and the straw was blown into a stack, perhaps in the barn.  The combine replaced all of the above operations into one, but it ended an era.

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