For Future Generations: The Legacy of Blue Earth County Historical Society’s Founders

Issue Date: 
Spring 2016

The Blue Earth Historical Society was created in 1901 by a group of individuals dedicated to preserving the past. Many of the original settlers were passing away and the society founders felt it was a time to reflect on the history and the future of the county and Mankato. Judge Daniel Buck served as the first president. Thomas Hughes was the society’s first secretary. Charles A. Chapman was a vice-president of the Society in 1901. Herbert C. Hotaling was the other vice-president. Phillip Mueller was the first treasurer. The efforts of the society were renewed in 1916 and were prolific, publishing their Articles of Incorporation, establishing the first Board of Trustees, and actively collecting and preserving their history. Judge Lorin Cray was pivotal in this movement. 

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Blue Earth County Historical Society, Founders, Judge Daniel Buck, Charles A. Chapman, Thomas Hughes, Herbert B. Hotaling, Judge Lorin Cray