Happy Days Are Here Again: Roosevelt’s New Deal in Blue Earth County

Mary Ward
Issue Date: 
Fall 2014

This article traces how several Federal programs had an impact on Blue Earth County. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Works Progress Administration put many area people to work from 1933-1943. Men built roads, bridges, made improvements to local parks and the school in Lake Crystal. Women were put to work sewing and organized the PTA. The PTA also program began serving hot lunches at school.

The National Youth Association employed men and women from 18-25 years old. It also provided recreation opportunities to include kittenball, ice skating, and one act plays. Other federal programs helped start local co-ops that brought electricity to rural areas. The National Recovery Administration helped to stabilize the economy and encouraged fair competition, set a minimum wage, supported unions, and prohibited child labor. These programs had mixed success throughout the county. 

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