Seppman: The Man and The Mill

Tim Pulis
Issue Date: 
Spring 2014

In 1862, Louis Seppman began the construction of a mill on his land. Due to the U.S.-Dakota war, the construction took two years and the mill opened in 1864. All but two pieces of the mill, ordered from St. Louis, were hand mad by Seppmann himself. Seppman ran into several problems in operating the mill including a lack of wind and he was not a miller by trade. He sold the mill to his father in law, Martin Miller, who also had problems to include lightening hitting the mill and wind blowing blades away. Miller ended up closing the mill due to the progress and completion of the Hubbard mill.

The mill sat unused for decades until it was donated to the Blue Earth County Historical Society in 1929. BECHS partially restored the mill, but in 1931 it was deeded to the State of Minnesota. The state restored the mill and even opened a highway rest stop near it in 1955. The rest stop was taken out in 1972 when the Minneopa State Park was expanded.  The state replaces the floors, doors, windows, and the roof on several occasions. In 1989, the state closed in permanently due to a crack in the outside wall and other unsafe conditions.

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