TBT - Saulpaugh Hotel

Saulpaugh Hotel, 1920s

The Saulpaugh Hotel, once located on the corner of Front and Main Streets, opened in 1889 to a grand affair. The festivities include a banquet and ball with many influential and famous people in attendance, including Minnesota Governor William Merriam. Another famous guest was President William Taft, who stayed at the hotel during his 1911 visit to Mankato. It was also rumored that gangster John Dillinger spent a night at the Saulpaugh in the 1930s.

In the early days, most travelers arrived in town by rail or steamboat. As more people began to travel by car, the hotel added a carport and entrance on Front Street. Business began to decline in the 1960s and the Saulpaugh Hotel closed in 1964.

The building was then used by the Mankato Commercial College as a girls dormitory until 1970. The building was demolished in 1974 as part of Mankato’s downtown redevelopment plan.

TBT or Throwback Thursday is done in partnership with KEYC News 12 in Mankato. This segment can be viewed during the noon news on Thursdays.

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