TBT - St. Patrick's Day Blizzard of 1965

March 1965 Blizzard, Madison Lake

March 1965 was a very snowy month in Mankato! The first of two blizzards arrived on March 3 and dropped over 12 inches of snow on Mankato. The second blizzard, often referred to as the St. Patrick’s Day Blizzard, began on March 17 and ended the following day. Because of the timing with the Irish holiday, more people remember this March storm, although the accumulation of 9.3 inches was less than the first blizzard. The storm started early in the morning on March 17, but it didn’t stop people from their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that evening. By the time that people were heading home, only Mankato’s main roads were open. Many people who lived in the hilltop areas of Mankato and North Mankato were not able to make it home.

These late storms contribute to the 1965 flood which affected Mankato April 8-10. 

TBT or Throwback Thursday is done in partnership with KEYC News 12 in Mankato. This segment can be viewed Thursday at Noon.

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