TBT - Mankato's Red Cross and World War I

Junior Division of the Red Cross, 1917

The United States declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. With this declaration, many men from Blue Earth County enlisted for the Great War. For those who remained at home, there were bond drives and tin collections to raise money for the war efforts. The Mankato Red Cross was formed on April 16, 1917 and much of the organization’s work during the Great War revolved around raising funds.

The Red Cross led many successful fund drives between July 1917 and Fall 1918. Many auxiliary groups worked with the Red Cross as well as junior divisions of the Red Cross, such as the group of high school girls shown here. Red Cross branches were formed in every community in Blue Earth County. Today, the Southwest Minnesota chapter is based out of Mankato.

TBT, or Throwback Thursday, is done in partnership with KEYC News 12 in Mankato. To view this segment live, tune into the noon news on Thursdays.

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