A Brief History of Lincoln Township


Lincoln Township is on the western edge of Blue Earth County located between Ceresco and Butternut Valley. Originally a part of Ceresco Township, it separated in 1865 to be Lincoln after President Abraham Lincoln. Many of the people who settled in Lincoln Township were Swedish or Norwegian immigrants.

For a very short period, there was as village called Iceland, which had a post office and later a telegraph station. This was later renamed Perth, before becoming a ghost town.

One place that has stood the test of time in Lincoln Township is the Lincoln Baptist Church. The church began in 1866 with services held in different homes throughout the congregation and later to the schoolhouse. The first building was built in 1881 and was located across the street from the school where services had been held. This church still holds services weekly and supports a cemetery. If you are ever in the area, stop in for a church service.



I attended the Centennial of this old church in 1956. My father, Clifford Gustafson, was the pastor from 1951 until his early death in May 1956. I have several photographs of the church with my father standing in front. Also a photo of me and the girl I was dating on the Centennial Sunday. Good memories.
Gary Gustafson (not verified)

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