Things to do in Blue Earth County in 2018

Things to do in BEC 2018 logo

Blue Earth County is full of great places to see that many people don't think to visit. Or many places that people don't know exist in Blue Earth County. Check back each week to see what new places we recommend to check out and learn more about those places. Follow the hashtag #ThingsToDoInBEC2018 on social media and tag your pictures of visiting these places using the same hashtag!

February 25: Attend a Mankato Symphony Performance

February 18: Eat at Maggie J's in Mapleton

February 11: Ski or Tube at Mount Kato

February 4: Hang out at the Lake Crystal Area Rec. Center

January 28: Watch others curl or try your hand at Curling

January 21: Eat at the Eagle's Nest in Eagle Lake.

January 14: Attend the Robert Burns Celebration

January 7: Snowshoeing/Hiking on the Sakatah Trail

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