Victorian Tea Party

The Victorian Tea Party is an annual event held at Historic R. D. Hubbard House and Emy Frentz Art Guild in Mankato, Minnesota. This event is usually held the weekend before the Hubbard House opens for the season, but it can also be the opening weekend of the Hubbard House Season. 

For the Victorian Tea Party, guests are brought on a guided tour through the Historic R. D. Hubbard House where different costumed characters explain different aspects of Victorian Culture. Guests are then taken for afternoon tea at the Emy Frentz Art Guild located behind the carriage house. While enjoying their tea, children have an opportunity to make a Victorian Craft. Parents can partake in the silent auction.

2017 Victorian Tea Party
Date to Be Determined 

2011 Victorian Tea Party  
2012 Victorian Tea Party  
2013 Victorian Tea Party