BECHS Social Media - Overview

The Blue Earth County Historical Society is on many social media sites; some that you may not know about. Here is a quick guide on where to find BECHS on the web.

  The main outlet that we use for social media is Facebook. We can be found on Facebook at On Facebook we not only promote our upcoming events, we also provide lite historical content to get a moment of history in during the week. This can range from tidbits of information from the newspapers to fun historical photographs.

 Another site that we use is Twitter. We can be found on Twitter at or by searching @BECHShistory. All of our posts from Facebook feed into twitter. We also have short posts at different times such as “This day in History” posts. I am just beginning to get a feel for twitter, so if you have any advice, please tweet it to us!

 A relatively new site that we are using is Pinterest. We can be found on Pinterest at We only have a few boards at the moment, but we are constantly adding to the boards that we have. For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, Pinterest is a pinning site where when you find great ideas on different websites, you can “pin” them to your board to go back to them later. Each image needs to lead back to a website to be able to give credit to where the image was found, so Pinterest is a great way to guide people to our website.

 YouTube is another site that we are working to add more content to. We can be found on YouTube at Since we got a video camera donated to us, we have had it at many of the events we have help over the past year. Short clips of these events are on YouTube, as well as other videos that promote BECHS. Make sure to subscribe to BECHS on YouTube so you do not miss a video we put up.

 One site we are working on getting more content on is Google+. We can be found on Google+ at  Are you a big fan of Google+? Follow us on Google+ and start a conversation with us there with what you like about the site.

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