A Tale of Two Families: Bierbauer and Dornberg

Marcia Schuster
Issue Date: 
July 1981

Chronicles the lives and accomplishments of families who fled war-torn Germany in the late 1840’s, eventually settling in Mankato. She notes the marriages and business partnerships that joined the two families for the next 50 years.

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Dr. Alvin Jacob, Wilhelm (William), Adolf, Bertha, Augusta (Rockey) Rockey Mill, Louisa, Mayer Brothers, Dotson Company, Dakota Uprising, Roos, Theresa (Prael), Laura (du Buisson), Oscar, Mankato Malting Company, Herman, Burdick, Macbeth, Opera House, Register of Deeds, Alma (Hielborn) Mattie, Board of Education, Carnegie Library, Albert G., Palmer Centennial Pace, Dr. A.L.