Cambria Social Notes

Index created from newspaper clippings found in the township notebooks located in the Research Center. Use your browsers "Find" option to search within this page. If you would like more information about an item, please contact the Research Center.

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1885-2 Cleveland, Professor J. J. disappearance
1885-2 Cleveland, Professor J. J. elopement
1891-3 Dauer, George disturbed meeting
1891-3 Arndt, Fred charged with assualt
1891-3 Arndt, Fred dismissed
1891-7 Harris, Daniel farm visited
1893-1 Wedding bells in Cambria Davis, Evan J. and Jones, Laura A.
1894-1 Injuction granted on bridge
1894-1 Cambria bridge
1894-1 board met
1894-1 Hayes, Lewis and Lewis, John R. killed eleven wolves
1894-1 Sustains the injunction
1895-1 History of Welsh
1895-1 The Bridge at Cambria
1895-2 Celebrate 4th at Wagner's grove
1896-1 Evans, Thomas married
1896-1 Evans, Thomas married
1897-1 Evans, Thos. Town meeting
1897-2 Evans, William and Williams, D.J. passage at arms
1897-3 Salem literary meetings
1899-1 Depot in Cambria Town
1899-1 Davis, Daniel P. and Harbo, Carl B. in Mankato
1899-2 Harbo, Carl and Edwards, Libbie runaway in Cambria
1900-1 Arndt, Fred A Road Trouble
1900-1 Hughes, Ernest building nearly completed
1900-2 District court convened
1900-2 Another Creamery
1901-1 Arndt, Fred makes an attack on Hughes, H.J.
1901-1 Arndt, Fred pleaded not guilty
1901-1 Put an end to the Gaiety
1901-2 Walters, Thomas arm torn off
1901-2 A liberal donation
1902-6 Jones, John F. and Thomas, Ellen married
1902-7 Arndt, Fred wins case
1903-1 Old Religious Edifice Salem Congregational Church
1903-3 Griffith, Rev. Thos. Write about Mankato
1903-4 Train wreck in Cambria
1903-4 Fourth at Cambria
1904-4 There's Money in Hogs
1905-3 Notable Church Event
1905-3 50th Anniversary of Salem Congregational Church
1905-3 Blue Earth County Girls- Davis, Mr. and Mrs. D.P. daughters
1906-2 Those Mysterious Lights
1906-3 Thomas, Mrs. James A.Injured by a Vicious Ram
1907-1 Epidemic of Marrying
1909-1 Winchell, Prof. Writes about Indian Mounds
1910-1 Horse Jumped into Buggy
1910-2 Hughes, Thomas Visited Ancient Indian Mound
1911-2 Another Visit to the Old Indian Village
1914-1 Valentine Has a Bad Record
1914-1 Little Timber Wolves for Sibley Park Zoo
1914-2 Jerusalem and Salem Churches
1914-2 Griffiths, Ed son fell
1915-1 Big Crowd Enjoyed Program at Cambria
1915-2 Mickerson, Prof. Wm. B. to Continue His Work in Cambria
1915-3 Jerusalem Church
1916-5 Find Parched Corn Buried Many Years Nickerson, Prof.
1916-5 Nickerson, Prof. Exploring Mounds of the Indians
1916-5 Visited the Indian Village in Cambria
1916-6 Miniature Battle is Staged at Cambria
1918-1 Johnson, J.D. Pinned Under Tree He Saws His Way Out
1918-1 Johnson, John Daniel Being Cared for at Local Hospital
1918-1 Johnson, John D. Making Rapid Recovery
1921-1 Hughes, Thomas History of the Fourth of July Celebration in Cambria
1922-1 Creamery is Destroyed
1922-1 Goodbye Party Given to Pastor and Wife Griffiths, Rev. C.W.
1922-3 Golden Wedding Tanley, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L.
1923-3 Birthday Party Given Price, J.D.
1925-1 Price, Saidonia McCann Little Girl Badly Burned in Cambria
1926-10 Former Decoria Resident Passes Henry, Walter
1928-3 Gravel Scarcity Becoming Acute
1928-4 Speeded Filmns to Cambrai for Movie Program
1928-20 Walters, Stephen Cambria Veteran Claimed by Death
1928-22 Salem Congregational Passes 73rd Milestone
1928-24 Evans, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Observe Golden Wedding event
1929-2 Shields, Mrs. Ann Pioneer Called
1930-3 Cambria 4-H Club Formed at Gathering
1930-7 Beise, Paul Cambria Farmer Is Injured When Team Runs Away
1934-26 It Was 63 Years Ago Cambria First Observed Fourth
1934-27 July 4, 1871 Celebration At Cambria Portrayed
1940-12 Cambria Plans Annual Picnic
1940-15 Wagner, George Cambrai Farmer Is Attacked By Bull
1941-1 Collie Dog Puts Out Fire, Harris, Oswald
1943-1 Cambria Federated Church Has First Annual Meeting
1944-1 Price, Enoch Pioneer Recalls Winter Milder Than This One
1945-1 Cambria Climbers Plan Activities for County Fair
1946-1 Cambria Plans 75th Consecutive July 4th Program, Celebration
1946-1 Cambria Climbers 4-H 1st in County to Conduct Tour