Ceresco Social Notes

Index created from newspaper clippings found in the township notebooks located in the Research Center. Use your browsers "Find" option to search within this page. If you would like more information about an item, please contact the Research Center.

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1880-1 A Happy Settlement in Blue Earth County
1889-2 Looby, Jas. Hoarseness
1889-2 Looby, Jas. Ulcer on brochial tubes
1889-2 Looby, Jas. Case hopless
1890-1 Want two iron bridges
1892-2 Lentz, Mrs. Ernestina Sad Case
1892-5 Several citizens talked of going on wolf hunt
1894-1 A Pork Item Thompson, John C.
1894-1 The Ceresco Bridge
1894-1 Young, M.A. arrived
1894-1 Smithson, Hattie examined for insanity
1895-1 More Hog Disease
1895-1 Hog Cholera in Ceresco
1895-2 Mr. Johnston's loss
1895-3 Johnston, W.D. residence destroyed by fire
1897-1 New Bridge For Ceresco
1897-1 Bridge Completed
1897-2 Fought for a contract
1897-3 Lightening Hoenstein
1898-1 Had Relatives Here Thompson, Mrs. A.L.
1898-1 Story of Missing Pig Beaver, Henry
1898-2 Ceresco Postoffice Kimball
1899-1 Four Horses Drowned Mitchell, James
1901-1 Davis, Gertrude robbed while eating dinner
1902-1 Keech, Albertus Killed Two Wolves
1903-1 Stuner, Robert Crushed by a Separator
1903-1 Bridge is Granted
1904-1 Ceresco VS. Madelia
1905-1 Johnson, Byron Strange Story This
1905-2 Johnston, Byron W. Ceresco Boy Missing
1905-2 Johnson, Byron Boy Back to Parents
1906-1 Severe Hail Storm
1906-2 Ceresco Cheese Factory
1906-2 Severe Hail Storm
1906-2 Ceresco Lodge of E.F.U.
1906-3 Thompson, H.O. picture of home
1906-4 Thompson, Henry O. Candidate for Legislative Representative
1910-1 Kelley, Frank L. Candidate for Legislative Representative
1910-1 Position for Miss Rooney
1913-1 Miss Hattie Tonn, Anna married
1928-50 Four Generations in Ceresco Family
1930-25 Ceresco Girls Severely Injured Rooney, Tom four daughters
1941-3 Early? Carrots Vandry, Albert
1943-1 Matteson, Doris ti Head Ceresco Topnotchers
1944-1 Judge Johnson Speaks at Ceresco
1944-1 Service Board to be Dedicated Soon By Ceresco Club
1944-1 Ceresco 4-H Clugb Votes to Invest in War Bonds