Eagle Lake Social Notes

Index created from newspaper clippings found in the township notebooks located in the Research Center. Use your browsers "Find" option to search within this page. If you would like more information about an item, please contact the Research Center.

1890-1 Eagle Lake Scorched
1892-1 Burned Out
1892-2 Is It A "Celestial Vistor?"
1892-2 Barn Burned
1893-1 Depot at Eagle Lake Burned
1894-1 The Indian Not Shot
1894-2 Mankato Mineral Springs
1894-2 Sale Of Mankato Mineral Springs
1895-1 Not A Chestnut
1895-1 Grave Yard Story
1895-2 Cummins-Pickle
1895-3 Partnership
1895-3 Value Rising
1896-1 A Big Jam
1896-1 Want the Child
1896-1 The Evidence in the Burdick and Ewing Cases Complete
1896-2 William Ewing Cannot Have the Custody of His Child
1896-4 The Tree Case On Trial
1896-5 The Tree Case
1896-7 He Would Fly
1896-8 A Flying Machine
1896-8 Struck By Lightning
1896-9 In Difficulty. A Mankato Cigar Co. Makes an Assignment
1896-9 To Georgia
1896-9 A Big Jam. The Trial of the Glass Block Employees Draws a Crowd
1896-9 A Shattered Hand. A.W. Dearborn Submits to an Operation
1897-10 Sixtieth Anniversary
1897-10 A Painful Accident
1897-10 Badly Hurt
1897-8 Has It Patented. Rev. Daniel D. Reed, of Eagle Lake, has invented a Remarkable Air Ship
1898-1 Uncle Sam Robbed
1898-1 Hunting For A Dead Man
1898-2 Cycle Sled
1898-3 A Profitable Crop
1898-7 Two Shot. Hunting Accident on Eagle Lake Sunday
1898-7 A Robbery. Store and Postoffice at Eagle Lake Entered.
1899-1 Had Seen Service
1899-1 Eagle Lake Trouble. Questions as to Whether it has Been Lowered or Not
1899-2 A Good Yield
1899-3 Must Reduce Time. Five months a Year for the Eagle Lake School
1900-2 Dam Will Stay At Outlet
1900-2 Eagle Lake Celebrated
1900-2 Eagle Lake Trouble
1901-1 Three Injured. Bad Accident on Eagle Lake Road
1901-1 Gasoline Exploded
1901-2 Sailed For Alaska. Horace Cummins if Superintendent for Alaska Fish & Lumber Company
1903-1 Minimum Came High
1903-1 Would-Be Stowaway
1903-1 Temporary Injunction
1903-2 Still Very Ill
1903-2 Down an Embankment. Miiss Burgess, Living near Eagle Lake, Severely Injured
1904-1 Farmer is Injured
1904-1 Oil In Le Ray
1904-1 Blew Safe Open. Cummins' Store at Eagle Lake Entered by Buglars Last Night
1905-1 Thing Of The Past. Eagle Lake Saloon Goes Out of Business
1905-2 New Officers Elected
1905-3 Lives Long Joined. Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Pressnall Married Fifty Years.
1905-4 Four Generations. Happy Gathering ar Ira B. Reynold's in Eagle Lake Township
1905-4 Present To Popular Folk
1905-4 Residence Buglarized
1905-5 Has Labored Long. Rev. N. B.Foote Retirted to Well Earned Rest.
1905-6 Winner First Prize. J. W. Reynolds of Eagle Lake Creamery Leads
1906-1 Life At Eagle Lake. Musical and Literay Entertainment a Great Success
1906-2 Tribute For Dead. Eagle Lake Residents Observe the Memorial Day
1906-3 Given A Good Time. Rev. N. B.Foot Surprised by Friends at Eagle Lake
1906-3 Invited to Ride
1906-6 Smallpox At Eagle Lake
1907-1 Wedded Half a Century. Rev. N. B.Foot & Mrs. N. B.Foot
1908-1 Eagle Lake Takes New Life; Now Wants the Electric Line
1908-2 Accident at Eagle Lake. Miss Carmine Pickle Thrown From Wagon; Picked Up Unconscious
1909-2 Join in Graveling Bee on Eagle lake Road Wednesday
1909-2 Will Bury the Fish
1909-2 Old Resident of Eagle Lake Dies. John Norse Passed Away This Morning of Old Age
1910-6 Mrs. Compton Is Struck By A Car
1911-2 Eagle Lake Will Have A New State Bank
1911-4 Eagle Lake Road In Fine Condition
1911-4 Eagle Lake Boys Longed For Homes
1911-10 Boy Is Rolled Under Auto At Eagle Lake
1911-16 Eagle Lake Enterprise. New Sorghum Mill in That Village is Producing the Goods
1911-18 Broke Up The Services. Fire in Methodist Church at Eagle Lake Caused Some Excitement
1912-4 Purchased A Sorghum Mill
1913-12 Seven Sons At Party Father Was the Host
1913-21 Tried to End His Life By Taking Poison
1913-22 Dragging of Madison Lake Road Inspected
1913-23 Brakeman Has Both Legs Cut Off By Train
1913-24 Auction On The L. T. Silkey Farm
1913-24 Was Run Into By Driver Austin Car
1913-25 Farmers Along The Eagle Lake Road Worked-Up
1913-26 Big Hog Sale At L. T. Silkey's Farm
1913-27 Annual Hunt Of Eagle Lake Club Yesterday
1913-28 Early Work On Eagle Lake-St. Claire Extension
1915-2 Enraged Bull Attacks Dan Patch Train
1915-9 Frederic Pickle With Western Electric Co.
1915-12 Connect Eagle Lake With Dan Patch Line
1916-4 Cattle Charged Party
1916-5 Charles Russel Hurt
1916-6 Horace Cummins Hurt
1916-7 Marshall Arraigned Pleaded Not Guilty
1916-10 Wanted To Satisfy A Grudge
1916-10 Communiuty Piano Purchased By Village
1916-11 Coat Button Was Clue To Sheriff
1916-11 Broke Into Store At Eagle Lake
1916-13 Eagle Lake Road ion Bad Condition
1916-13 Would Drain The Eagle Lake Road
1917-6 Trade In Farm Lands Deals Up To $9,000
1917-7 Fires Destroy Property
1918-2 Red Cross Auction Sale at Eagle Lake
1918-6 Eagle Lake Garage Prey Of The Flame
1919-3 Hint To The Kato Folk
1920-1 Death Of J.D. Morse
1920-4 Manhunt Is The Thrill Which Stirs Eagle Lake
1921-1 Clark Braden Dies
1922-9 Girl With Double Brain, Eagle Lake
1922-12 Bandit Rob Eagle Lakeite Of Ducats
1923-6 Lights For Depot
1923-7 Pastor At Eagle Lake Given Party
1923-8 Repair Of The Road
1923-17 Was Goodbye Party
1923-17 Arrow Was Shot By An Old-Timer
1924-1 Takes Over Road Outfit
1924-5 Engine Hit An Auto
1924-8 J.P. Dibble Is Dead
1924-9 Clar Hoehn Hurt
1924-16 Eagle Lake People Attend School Meeting
1924-17 Marriage of Miss Ida m. Burgess and S. k. Wick
1924-19 G.A. Pickle Is Dead
1924-20 Serious Accident Luckily Averted
1924-21 Lone Democrat Sought
1924-21 Eagle Lake Plans Amusment Show
1924-22 Degree Of Honor Circle Program
1924-22 Plan Basket Social
1924-23 Hancock To Speak Eagle Lake is Place
1924-25 Eagle Lake I.O.O.F. Will Remodel Hall
1924-25 Held Rabbit Shoot
1925-1 Eagle Lake's Butter Factory Pays Price
1925-2 Eagle Lake Is Going For Ball Team
1925-3 Eagle Lake Fandom Called To Meeting
1925-3 Received Cream Checks
1925-4 Dogs In Eagle Lake Must Don The Tags
1925-4 Paying the Farmer
1925-5 Eagle Lake Picked Its Election Slate
1925-6 Fine Property Sold; Deal In Eagle Lake
1925-6 Le Ray Turns Down Dancing Pavilions
1925-9 Plan Cahautauqua Season Eagle Lake
1925-10 Head-On Auto Bunt
  Eagle Lake Resident Escaped Serious Hurt.
1925-12 Tauqua At Eagle Lake To Repeat
1925-13 Found, One Still Lacks An Owner
1925-13 TownHall Plan Interests Le Ray
1925-14 Farewell Party Is Eagle Lake Event
1925-15 Caswell To Stay Eagle Lake Church
1925-15 Eagle Lake Is Scene of Fine Reception. Lose Fast Ball Game
1925-16 Change In Board Sunday School
1925-17 Sheriff Causes Check To Be Paid
1925-17 Hen Takes Rides On Car To Church Door
1925-18 Eagle Lake Party Enjoys Long Trip
1925-20 Plaw Was Success Pleasing To Medo
1925-20 Many Cars Pass Eagle Lake Road
1925-25 Parent-Teacher Program Feature Eagle Lake Meet
1925-27 Church Bazaar Is Staged; Other News Of Eagle Lake
1925-28 Honor Lodge Meets
1925-28 Hill School teacher, Miss Eileen Farrell
1925-28 Farmers Club Meets
1925-28 Wilcox, John Recovers
1925-9 Eagle Lake Fire Destroys Elevator Mill
1926-1 Death, Meyer, Lewis
1926-1 Degree of Honor & Workmen Lodge Unite
1926-1 Reisenbigler, Frank accidental hunting accident
1926-2 Wagoner, James suffers Injury While Butchering
1926-4 Degree of Honor Social
1926-4 Reisenbigler Family Farewell Party
1926-5 Anderson, John Death
1926-5 Honor Lodge Party for Kiddies
1926-5 Sugar Beet Crop
1926-5 Butter Fat
1926-8 Hoehn, Clare
1926-9 Chautauqua at Eagle Lake
1926-9 Eagle Lake Enforces Crossing Guard
1926-10 Verna Fisher Bride A. Wilmes
1926-10 Come Clean Club
1926-11 High School Play Rehearsed
1926-11 Caswell, Rev. Deliver Memorial Service Sermon
1926-12 Parent Teacher Meet
1926-12 Better Best Club Play "Not a Man In The House"
1926-13 Rebekahs Choose Leaders
1926-13 Acme Chautauqua Co.
1926-20 Rev. Caswell Leaves M. E. Church
1926-22 Cuban Resident Eagle Lake Guest
1926-22 Bennett Family
1026-22 Sugar Beet Crop
1926-23 Rebekah Circle Gathering Held
1926-23 Rabbit Hunt, Joe Blake Winner
1926-24 Butter Fat Checks
1926-25 Compton Death
1926-25 Eagle Lake Lodge Gathering
1926-26 Creamery Report
1927-1 Eagle Lake State Bank Holds Meet
1927-1 Eagle Lake Shipping Assn.
1927-2 Compton Home Affair
1927-2 George Rynearson Resigns from Shipping Assn.
1927-2 Ernest Johnson Succeeds, Shipping Assn.
1927-3 Record Creamery Checks
1927-3 Rebekahs Install Officers
1927-3 Ice
1927-4 Odd Fellows
1927-4 Baseball
1927-5 Death, Thelma McCarl
1927-5 Carnival Dance, Sieberg Orchestra
1927-5 Progressive Euchre
1927-7 Adventist Church sold
1927-8 Creamery Checks
1927-10 Eagle Lake M. E. Church Easter Service
1927-11 Eagle Lake Creamery Report
1927-16 Family Reunion, Hasselfeldt
1927-17 Eagle Lake High School Not To Function
1927-17 Eagle Lake Pigs Runaway
1927-19 Duck Hunter Takes Dip
1927-19 Hulda Reed Relatives Assemble
1927-21 Creamery Checks
1927-22 Marriage Harein and Hasselfeldt
1927-22 Airplane
1927-28 Embroidery Club at Home of Crandall
1927-28 Mrs. H. Schindle Funeral
1927-30 Airplane on Bob Sleds
1927-30 Yuletide at Churches and Schools
1927-30 Rabbit Hunt
1928-2 Farmers Telephone Co.
1928-3 Former Resident Sarah Sterns Stegner funeral
1928-3 Creamery Record from Eagle Lake
1928-4 Dog Saves Family (Caswell) in Gas Filled Home
1928-4 Cummins and Co. Broken Into
1928-6 Mrs. Harry Hasselfeldt Holds Birthday
1928-7 Village Election
1928-8 Creamery Installs York Automatice Refrigerator Plant
1928-8 Eagle Lake Baseball
1928-10 Creamery Report
1928-10 Mrs. McCarl Given Farewell Party
1928-11 Englerth accepts Road Job on No. 7
1928-11 Birthdays Drysdale, Hawley, Bennett
1928-14 Bridge Club
1928-14 Womens Home Missionary Society
1928-15 Airplane Accident
1928-16 Creamery Checks
1928-18 Family Reunion, Ott
1928-18 Wrecked Plane Rebuilt at Eagle Lake
1928-19 Family Reunion, Rynearson
1928-20 Family Reunion, Covel
1928-25 Family Reunion, Brown
1929-2 Wedding Gibbons & Cutkosky
1929-2 Epworth League
1929-4 Sunshine Club
1929-5 Death, M4rs. Lois Anderson Lund
1929-7 Migrants to Beet Fields
1929-7 Death, Mr. Day
1929-8 Odd Fellows Anniversary
1929-8 Marriage Wagoner and Higgins
1929-8 Mexican Celebration
1929-10 Tornado Hits Eagle Lake
1929-11 Horace Cummins Home Destroyed by Fire
1929-14 Kilmer Family Annual Picnic
1929-17 Creamery Checks
1929-20 Mankato Citizens Automatic Dial
1929-20 M. E. Church Home-coming & Harvest Home Services
1929-21 Bennett Couple Given Reception - 25th Ann.
1929-23 Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Rynearson Observe 50th Ann.
1930--1 Home Missionery Society
1930--1 Steal Rabbits, Longenecker
1930--1 Death of Mrs. Haskell, Eagle Lake Pioneer
1930-2 Airplane, Will Wilcox & F. McMenomy
1930-3 Eagle Lake Rebekahs
1930-3 Missionary Meet at Eagle Lake
1930-3 Decree of Honor
1930-4 Embroidery Club at Home of Scheid
1930-4 Teacher College Graduation, Wagoner, Pickel, Dalton
1930-6 Deth, Mr. Henry Bennet
1930-6 Class of 1930, Hamline, Ouida Dalton
1930-7 Marriage Verna Hill and William Harper
1930-8 Death Eliza Robertson Wolfe
1930-10 Annual Homecoming
1930-11 Death, Ephraim Clemens
1930-12 Death, Father of Carey Barton
1930-13 Aged War Veteran Observes Birthday - Horace Cummins
1930-15 Baseball
1930-15 Eagle Lake Home Coming Success
1930-16 Grandma Ekman celebrates 90th Birthday
1930-17 Birthday Club Entertained by Mrs. Anderson
1930-18 Birth, son to Jake Armstrong
1930-18 Ethel Read Given Party
1930-18 Creamery Checks
1930-19 Sterling Drum Corps, Matthew Pressnall
1930-21 American Beet Sugar Co. of Chaska
1930-21 Firemen Called to Eagle Lake Store - Roy G. Flaig
1930-22 Veroeven Wins Husking Crown for Third Year
1930-23 Oscar Dagan Tells of Trip to St. Louis
1930-23 Eagle Lake to Stage Rabbit Hunt Soon
1930-24 Birth, girl to Griff Griffiths
1930-24 Death Eleanor Turner
1930-24 J. A. Anderegg Celebrate 40th Wedding Anniversary
1930-25 Eagle Lake Hunters Hold Rabbit Feed
1930-26 Loeffler Team Wins Rabbit Hunt
1930-28 Wedding Englerth & Anderegg
1930-28 Birth, Girl to F. N. Kisro
1930-29 Death, Mrs. Jerome Dibble
1930-29 Hall Family Entertained Many Friends
1930-29 Eagle Lake Man Accept Railroad Job - Borbert McCarl
1930-31 Degree of Honor
1930-31 Matt Pressnall Celebrates 75th Birthday
1930-32 Birth, son L. E. Leighton
1931-1 Lyra News
1931-1 Viola Johnson is Tendered Parcel Shower
1931-2 Eagle Lake Couple Wed - Johnson and Coopman
1931-2 Death, Walter Stearns
1931-2 Eagle Lake Bank Elects Directors
1931-3 Eagle Lake Boy Weds Winthrop Girl, Harter & Mosher
1931-3 Rebekah Lodge Installs New Officers
1931-4 M. W. A. Lodge Installs Officers
1931-4 Death, James Johnston
1931-5 Ada Rollins Bride of Dewey Kilmer
1931-7 Matt Pressnall Honored by Friends
1931-8 Death, Wm. Macbeth
1931-9 Longeneckers Entertain Birthday Club
1931-9 Death, Keith Northamer
1931-9 Wedding Anniversary, 65 Years M. E. Wells.
1931-9 Death, Geo. Norris, husband of Mattie Presnall Norris
1931-10 Death, Clarence Bossuett
1931-11 Eagle 4-H Club Holds Good Meeting
1931-11 Birth, Boy to Mubert Cary
1931-11 First Meeting Eagle Lake Cooperative Oil Company
1931-12 Odd Fellows and Rebekahs of Mankato
1931-13 Eagle Lake Co-operative Oil Company
1931-13 Eagle Lake Degree of Honor
1931-13 Wide Awake Eagles 4-H Club of Eagle Lake
1931-14 Woman's Home Missionary Society
1931-16 Birth, Baby Girl to Harry Deckers
1931-16 Death, Scheid, Mrs. C. J.
1931-18 Birthday Club
1931-18 Young Peoples Society of Eagle Lake
1931-18 Hill, Dulcie (Mrs. R. Dougherty)
1931-19 Embroidery Club at Home of Kate Cook
1931-20 Day Family Reunion
1931-20 Kilmer Family Annual Picnic
1931-21 Odd Fellows
1931-23 Mower Cuts Feet of Eagle Lake Boy, John Baynes
1931-23 Physician, Dr. William Black
1931-25 Fire Destroys Jake Ott Farm Home
1932-1 Quilts, Mrs. Henry Maunter
1932-1 Rebekah Lodge Installs New Officers
1932-2 Wedding Anniversary, 40th Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Johnson
1932-3 Birth, Boy to Mr. and Mrs. James Laird
1932-3 Moving Sale, John Silber
1932-5 Walter Vandre Family Reunion
1932-5 Birth, Son, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Anderson
1932-5 Birth, Daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Vandre
1932-5 Death, Charles J. Loegler
1932-8 Laird Hotel or Paige House Torn Down
1932-8 Louis Anderson opens Garage on Highway #7
1932-8 Village Council Passes Ordinance, Stop at #7
1932-8 Postage Rates Raised to 3 Cents Per Letter
1932-8 Mock School District
1932-9 Wedding, Emo Hall and Miss Neary
1932-9 Circus, Ringling Bros.
1932-10 Rice, Genevieve Farewell Party
1932-10 Anniversary, Charles & Mrs. Brown 63rd
1932-11 Caswell, Rev & Mrs. J, move to MilleLacs
1932-11 Anniversary, Bud Vogel Tenth
1932-11 Rebekah Lodge
1932-13 Beet Growers
1932-14 Marriage Frank Leoffler & Agnes Buskey
1932-14 Death, Carrie Alvord
1932-15 Death, Mrs. E. M. Presnell
1932-16 Reisenbigler Couple Wed 25 Years
1932-17 Adlor Olsen Hurt; Bike, Car Collided
1933-1 Degree of Honor Lodge
1933-3 Death, Grandma Abbott
1933--3 Death, Mrs. Charles Howard
1933-4 Jacobson Home In Eagle Lake Destroyed
1933-6 Mrs. Andregg Surprised by Her Friends
1933-7 Death, Eppy Reeves Ridley (Mrs. Clarence)
1933-8 Mrs. M. B. Cook Surprised
1933--11 Mrs. E. A. Hill of Denver, Guest at Eagle Lake Picnic
1933-14 Parcel Shower Tendered for Mrs. E. Johnson.
1933-17 Dibble & Getman Reunion
1933-17 Blue Earth Co. Welfare Assn. Meets
1933-21 Albert Sterlen House Warming
1933-22 Anniversary, Jack Kalbou
1933-22 Mrs. Read Is Hostess at Birthday Party, Birthday Club
1933-23 Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. John Hasselfedt 40th
1933-23 Andregg Couple Wed Seventeen Years Saturday
1933-24 Leland Portor spoke at Christian Church; 22 years in Community
1933-24 Diptheria immunization
1934-2 Teacher, Helen Hofmaster
1934-2 Doctor, Macbeth
1934-3 84th Birthday, A. H. Pressnall
1934-3 Rev. & Mrs. Reineke leave for Pipstone
1934-4 Moved houses, Walter Hill & Lottie Pressnall
1934-5 Mother Daughter Banquet
1934-5 65th Birthday, J. R. Andregg
1934-7 Kilmer Family Annual Picnic
1934-11 Death, Daughter of Quention Harein
1934-11 Fire at Walter Hill Home
1934-12 Pickel Family Reunion
1934-13 Cleveland Family Reunion
1934-16 Mrs. Boscovisch Gives Reception
1934-18 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Vandre
1934-18 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Berton
1934-19 Birth, daughter, Mr. & Mrs. James McKin, gdaughter Wilcox
1934-19 Farmers Club Meets at Tivoli School House
1934-20 Wedding, McCall and Kopp
1934-22 Kilmer Injured at Construction site, St. Joseph Hospital
1934-23 Alice Crandall Observes 88th Birthday
1934-24 Wedding Anniversary, Mrs. & Mrs. A.P.Johnson 20th
1934-25 Village Election Results
1934-26 Wedding Anniversary, Mrs. & Mrs. Jake Longnecker, 23 years
1934-26 Death, Jessie B. Sowers (Wife nee Carrie Cook)
1935-3 Birthday, A. H. Pressnall, 85 years
1935-5 Mr.&Mrs. Fred Kisto Caught in Winter Storm at Omaha Area
1935-7 Birthday Celebration, Jennie Burgess 80th
1935-8 Pickle Family Picnic
1935-14 Birth of daughter, Mr. & Mrs. William Englerth
1935-19 Sieberg Buys Mill to do Custom Grinding in Eagle Lake
1936-1 Death, Mrs. Sarah Pettis
1936-3 Marriage, Bruce Springer & Della Colby
1936-3 Death, Mrs. Dan Morse
1936-6 Eagle Lake Band Has 40 Players, Udelhofen Directs
1936-8 Death, Edgar W. Stearns
1936-8 Cleveland Family Reunion
1936-9 Busy Bee Hiking Club
1936-9 Bulen Moved to Mankato
1936-10 Fire at Kenneth Kern Home
1936-10 Kilmer Family Annual Picnic
1936-11 Birth, girl to Mr. & Mrs.Harold Rollings
1936-14 Rebekah Meeting
1936-14 Embroidery Club
1936-15 Nels Read Family Reunion
1936-15 Birthday, John Reisenbigler, Sr. 81 years
1936-16 Scarlet Fever Quarantine
1936-17 Dorcas Society, Christian Church
1937-3 Rebekah Lodge
1937-3 Fire at Frank Kilmer Home
1937-3 Sunshine Club
1937-3 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kisro, 24 Years
1937-4 Eagle Lake Band
1937-4 Joe Longenecker Family Moved to Mankato
1937-5 Tivoli Farmers Club
1937-5 M F Club
1937-5 Harry Hill Family Reunion
1937-8 Kilmer Family Reunion
1937-9 Rev. & Mrs. Caswell Moving From Eagle Lake
1937-10 Birthday, Mrs. M. C. Pressnell, 76 Years
1937-11 Marlow Richard/Vanderburgh Family Reunion
1937-12 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Martin Andregg, 21 Years
1937-12 Birthday, J. H. Hasselfeldt, 71 Years
1937-12 Death, LeRoy Johnson
1937-12 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. John Hasselfeldt, 44 Years
1937-13 Eagle Lake Band
1937-13 Bridal Shower, Jeanette Kisro
1937-13 Merry Few Club
1937-14 Armin Kilmer Family Move to Eagle Lake
1937-15 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. M. C. Pressnell, 61 Years
1937-15 Eagle Lake Bank
1937-15 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Reisenbigler, 20 Years
1938-2 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kisro, 25 years
1938-3 Church of Christ, Southwest District Meeting
1938-3 Methodist Church Ladies Aid Meets
1938-4 Strong Man Wayne Owens
1938-4 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Emil Mathias 25 years
1938-6 Birthday, Mrs. Louis Meyers 87th
1938-7 Holzingers Have Golden Wedding with Photo
1938-8 Marriage Alice Chase/Bernard Reichel
1938-8 Teacher, Alice Chase
1938-8 Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Haefner
1938-9 Pietsch Family Reunion
1938-10 Charivari Party, Mrs. & Mrs. Robert Schmidt
1938-11 Family Reunion, Kilmer
1938-11 Family Reunion, Hasselfeldt
1938-11 Merry Few Club
1938-12 Family Reunion, Kenneth Kern
1939-1 Boy Kills Rattler in LeRay Township
1939-2 Wedding Dance, Mr. & Mrs. Alvin E. Dumdie (Stanke)
1939-2 Teachers Cravish & Wagner picnic
1939-2 Fire at Mrs. Wrightman Home
1939-3 December Bride Mildred Sack/ George Kopischke
1940-1 Accident Victim Leaves Hospital - Hasselfeldt, Jack
1940-1 Eagle Lake Fisherman
1941-1 Bloodhounds Used In Search for Aged Woman - V. Baumgartner
1941-1 Missing Woman Found in Field
1941-1 Hen Mothers Five Kittens on Macbeth Farm at Eagle Lake
1941-1 Vig Crappie, J. M. Compton fisherman
1942-1 Olsen, Mrs. Adler Bride of Soldier
1942-1 Record Corn Stalk
1942-1 Dave Beccue Back on Navy Duty
1943-1 Fish Kill Heavy in Eagle Lake
1943-1 Puppet Show, Eagle Lake School/Blue Earth Co. Library Benefit
1944-1 Herd of Cattle Electrocuted, Ed Bromeling farm
1944-1 White Pelicans Take up Abode on Eagle Lake
1944-1 Petition to Reduce Size of Eagle Lake Village
1944-2 County Commissioners Refuse Petition to Reduce Size of Eagle Lake
1944-3 Court Reverses Board in Eagle Lake Ruling
1946-1 Eagle Lake Council Discusses Village Water System
1970- Townsedge Garden Club
1983- Bridal Shower, Jacque Navara
1983- Haigh Store Photo
1983- Eagle Lake Business History
1983- Eagle Lake 1929 Baseball Team Photo
1983- Local Artist Revisits Stankey's Store, Harvey Anderson, Sr.
1983- Tator Days Parade
1983- Jessica Rose Celebrates 4th Birthday
1983- Commander Elevator to Hold Open House at Eagle Lake
1983- Commander Elevator Photos
1983- Sieberg, Cecelia on NBC TV-Mankato Heart Health
1983- Bruender, Henry Celebrates 75th Birthday
1983- Hasselfeldt, Marie & Nick 25th Anniversary
1984-1 Southwick, Lorraine Celebrates 50th Birthday
1984-1 Sieberg, Cecelia Injured in Headon Collision
1984-1 Birth, Laura Beth Swing
1984-3 Bauer, Jim 30th Birthday
1984-3 Bowling Team
1984-4 Jerry Goblirsch Family Celebrates First Communion
1984-4 Freitag, Kenneth & Laverne 60th Wedding Anniversary
1984-5 American Legion Auxialiary Officers, photo
1984-7 Sieberg, Curt/Adeline Celebrate Birthdays
1984-7 Griffiths, Spencer & Eunice 80th Birthdays
1984-9 Hoehn, Clare & Marie 60th Wedding Aniversary
1985- Schaible, Mr. & Mrs. Tom, 25th Wedding Anniversary
1985- Eagle Lake City Council Sworn In, photo
1985- Hintze, Harlan and Loretta 35th Wedding Anniversary
1985- Driftbusters Snowmobile Club
1985- Bode, Mr/Mrs Elmer 40th Wedding Anniversary
1985- Golden Eagle Donate Coffee Pots, photo
1985- Maurer, Goldie 90th Birthday
1985- Mosher, Dean 50th Birthday
1986- Eagle Lake Boy Scout Troop 54
1986- Smelt Feed, Legion Members
1986- Pischke, Art, 91st Birthday
1986- Frank, Anne 30th Birthday
1987- Mankato East Traveling Blue Devils Basketball Tournament
1987- Mankato East Flyers Basketball Tournament
1987- Golden Eagle Donate to Fire Dept. photo
1987- Frederick, Clete/Valeria Family Celebrate Mother Day
1987- Harland & Charlotte 40th Wedding Anniversary, photo
1987- Worrell, Roy 38th Birthday
1987- Sieberg, Curt/Adeline Celebrate 35th Wedding Anniversary
1987- Bruender, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bruender
1988- Malterer, Leo 77th Birthday
1988- Lorette (Hintze) Notes 50 Years of Hair Styling
1989- Senior Trippers kTravel to Old Log Theater
1989- Morrow, Hilda Celebrates 85th Birthday
1989- Eagle Lake Balloon Launch
1989- Eagle Lake! Where the Tall Corn Grows photo (Sieberg)
1989- Prime Timers Christmas Party
1989- McCollum, Lester 90th Birthday
1989- Bohnert, Jerrry/Darlene, Marigold Dairies 35 Year Employ
1990- What Do You Like About Being Back To School?
1990- Lundgren, Helen Family
1990- Seiberg, Don/Marilyn Celebrate 35th Wedding Anniversary
1990- Auxiliary Officers Installed at Eagle Lake photo
1990- Lamm, Paul 80th birthday
1990- Murphy, Mavis 50th Birthday photo
1990- Oscar Dagan Rerceives DHIA Honor
1990- Knisley, Bud Northland Beverage Employee 26 Years
1990- Morrow, Hilda Celebrates 86th Birthday
1991- Lundgren, Helen Family
1991- Eagle Lake Senior Citizens Bicentennial Quilt & Pillow photo
1991- Epiphany Lutheran Church, ELCA, Dedication photo
1991- Golden Eagles Meet
1991- Bingo Volunteers Honored photo
2001- Mineral Springs History, photo
2001- Gazebo at Mankato Springs, photo