Garden City Social Notes

Index created from newspaper clippings found in the township notebooks located in the Research Center. Use your browsers "Find" option to search within this page. If you would like more information about an item, please contact the Research Center.

Year-page Title  
1867-1 Bill, D.K.  
1867-1 Notice-Wm. Walker Lindsley sold business to sons  
1867-2 Festival at Frazer's Hall  
1867-2 Notice-Wm. Walker Lindsley sold business to sons  
1867-2 D.K.Bill opens Flour and Feed Store in Garden City  
1867-3 Geo. W. Marsh of Shelbyville breaks ribs from fall  
1868-1 New Blacksmith Shop! Van Loan & Miles  
1870-1 Wm. Jones seriously injured  
1870-1 City resolves to build Second St. Bridge  
1870-1 Son of Jacob Bierbauer breaks right arm  
1870-2 Wm. Nettleton & Sam Dunning purchase cattle  
1873-1 Outrage upon teacher, David Kirk  
1879-1 John Griswold, Mkto. Bought the farm of C.E. Thurston  
1879-1 H.C. Slack hired to teach at Butterfield's Mill  
1879-1 R.K.Wilson appointed Justice of the Peace-Garden City  
1880-1 E.Smith, President of B.E. Cty. Ag. Society  
1881-1 Garden City Bridge destroyed by storm to be replaced  
1880-1 Garden City opened bids for new iron bridge  
1880-3 Blue Earth Co. Agricultural Society opened its gates  
1880-3 1870 Garden City census eronously published  
1880-3 D.D. Foster died at 70 years old  
1880-3 J.Hoozier of Rapidan, died June 13th after a long illness  
1880-3 Tuman Doud married Georgie Goodall July 3rd  
1881-1 C.B.Fraser erects new warehouse  
1881-1 Where's our bridge? Contract has been let.  
1881-1 Approaches to bridge washed away  
1881-1 Sever Goodall's barn washed away  
1881-1 Friend's warehouse and 5,000 bushels wheat gone  
1883-1 Barlow to issue the first Garden City Messenger Thurs.  
1881-1 Bountiful crop predicted; severe winter to follow  
1883-2 Haye's District to have new school; old one burned  
1883-2 Mrs. Nathaniel York, past resident, died last week  
1883-2 Small grain looks great, corn is backward & improving  
1882-2 Harvest is underway  
1883-2 Early wheat blighted & oats lodged  
1883-2 Wm.King building new copper shop, 17 X 32  
1883-2 School District No. 21 will have 9 month school year  
1883-2 B.W.Sower & Addie M. Silver hired interm./primary edu  
1883-1 St.Peter Tribun comments on T.N Boyton's stock farm  
1883-1 T.N. Boynton, Breeder Short-Horn Durham Cattle/Swine  
1883-1 Andrew Friend completes new Capwell Mill-Garden City  
1885-1 Frank Thurston is building a new home in Garden City  
1885-1 Wm. Schultz, completed a large barn on his farm  
1885-2 Fire on the large railroad bridge across Watonwan Rv.  
1885-2 C.A. Gales fitting up poultry buildings east of depot  
1885-2 Frank Evans sells house to sister of Deacon Parker  
1885-2 Frank Kimm's entire wheat crop burns  
1885-2 T.F.Mills & A.Redfield appt'd deputy weigh-masters  
1885-2 Wm.Mason has moved into Kimm bldg.  
1885-2 Potato crop is good; 100 bushels per acre  
1885-2 E.S.Warner moved to Mankato  
1885-2 Wm.Skinner sold land east of town to Wm.Mason  
1885-2 Mr.Mason bought lot No. of E.B.Evans store of J.Dilly  
1885-2 A Watchman (G.W.Goodman) is in place at the bridge  
1885-2 Amos Warner traded his old homestead w/Frank Loring  
1885-2 Frank Loring moved into house owned by A.Warner  
1885-2 Maggie Norton died at her father's home, 10-21-85  
1885-2 Mr. Wellcome saves Annie Wakeman from drowning  
1885-3 Mr. John Walker died at Woonsocket, S.D.  
1885-3 C.A.Gale moved into Mrs. M.E.Booth's home  
1885-3 A.W.Garret, station agent, summoned as witness  
1885-3 Geo.Goodall, Chas.Chamberlain & C.A.Gale rec'd carload of of coal  
1885-3 C.A.Gale, poultryman, started Mon. to attend the Wisc. St. Poultry Assoc.  
1885-3 A. Friend is in full occupancy of his elegant new home, just completed  
1885-3 C.H.Piper & Dr. Curryer are out East to purchase a horse  
1885-3 Wm.Capin, respected farmer, died suddenly at his home  
1885-3 14 yr. old, Jenny Prindle, drowns in nearby pond in icey conditions  
1885-3 Charles boynton narrowly escaped death in a serious horse accident  
1885-3 Men have been building snowfences, loaded on flat cars, distributed on cuts  
1885-3 There is a fine for driving pff a walk on the bridge; a sign says so.  
1886-1 Lottie V. Masters marries Otto M. Scott of St. Paul in Garden City  
1886-1 The farmers are near in answering"What will the harvest be?"  
1886-1 James Seawright & wife celebrated their 15th anniversary with friends  
1886-1 Prof. Eastman delivered a ;ecture pm phrenology at the school house  
1886-1 Saturday's snow storm moved Young People's Lit. Society to Tuesday  
1886-1 Friend's Mill is running steadily & products are selling  
1886-1 Mr. Dustin's Mill, old Folsom is running and doing good business  
1886-1 Prof. Parker having excellent success as H.S. Principal.Maybe next Cty.Sup
1886-1 I.O.G.T. lodge is flourishing condition  
1886-1 Progressive euchre is having a run in our village.  
1886-2 Corn needs rain  
1886-2 Ed Cornidh serves injunction on Mankato's P.M. Cannon;should be "country"  
1886-2 Fair Assoc.putting new buildings, stalls, etc.for big time this fall.  
1886-2 Schooling mtg. Sat.District 106, new directors elected;Warner, Evans,Bruce  
1886-2 D.M.Maston's grain threshed:60 barley bu./acre,50 oats bu/acre,wheat 26/ac  
1886-2 Mr. & Mrs.Bryson decided to adopt a small dark eyed stranger who arrived  
1886-2 Mr. & Mrs. H. Fleming celebrated a wedding anniversary with friends  
1886-2 Garden City is in the Wheat Market now; St.Paul Mill rented the elevator  
1886-2 St.Paul Mill has rented the elevator, put in a buyer with intent to buy wheat  
1886-2 Dick Fairchildreturned from up North bringing 6 or 8 cattle  
1886-2 A.I.Redfield from here for a short hunt.  
1886-2 F.Thurston & Dr.Curryer each have a half mile track on their farms  
1886-2 A.Friend is putting in a new flume at lower mill. E. Bisler is in charge of mill.  
1886-2 H.E.Gerry of Chicago,visited the old "Gerry" farm before moving to Florida  
1887-1 John Clausick hit by falling timber while working on bridge in Garden City  
1889-1 L.L.Lovelett sold 3/4 blood Norman Stallion to Charley Center for $250.  
1889-1 E.Terry & Harvey Rew have left for Dakota.  
1889-1 C.Bruce has gone into the wire business  
1889-1 J. & C.Nelson &S.B.Thompson have bought horse from C.H.Piper, $1,800.  
1889-1 S.B.Thompson sports a pair of trotting horses  
1889-1 T.S.Hayes of Vernon will build a $3,000. house  
1889-1 The Christian minister has 37 converts thus far.  
1889-1 Young people's amateur dramatic clubgives play at Torry school house 3/23  
1889-1 Mr. Gilmore will run the old Folsom farm  
1889-1 Ernest Norton sold out to Chas.Boynton & go back to farming.  
1889-1 D.Williams dry goods store burned to the ground but was insured.  
1889-1 Seeding done; some grain is up  
1889-1 L.T.Shaw is new postmaster  
1889-1 Clara Tyler, of Amboy was buried her last Friday  
1889-1 Mr. Bestel bouoght the Butterfield Mill;take possession about June 15  
1889-1 Mrs. L.S.Close narrowly escaped an accident while driving to town w/horses  
1889-1 Supt. Parker got hand caught in coggs of reaper;badly bruised but not broken
1889-1 After being sick for 2 yrs., Jimmie Norton dies  
1889-1 Farmers w/threshing are rejoicing over good yield  
1889-1 Young people have formed a dramatic club  
1889-1 E.B.Evans & family have moved to Northfield  
1889-1 Mr. Grant died last Thursday. Burial in Kasota.  
1889-2 Perry Close moved to Henning, Otter Tail Cty, to work in Elevator  
1889-2 Teachers and scholars began school on Monday  
1889-2 The Methodist Church will be dedicated Sunday, Septrmber 15  
1889-2 Mrs. Josie Ray will be bookkeeper for Mankato Mercantile Company  
1889-2 Miss Mellie Ray to school in Mankato  
1889-2 George Dilley died Monday; funeral Tuesday  
1889-2 Miss Clara Boynton will teach in Winnebago this fall  
1889-2 Carl Greenwood of Blaine attends school in DesMoines, Iowa  
1889-2 Miss Jessie Rector & Van Slyck were married last Thursday at her parents  
1889-2 Dedicatory service paid $160. debt for the M.E.Church  
1889-2 Methodist Church furnishes meals on fairgrounds during fair  
1889-2 Mr. Truax of Fair Haven is preaching services this weekend and the next  
1889-2 Charlie Thurston & family moved to St. Paul  
1889-2 C.H.Piper,delegate of St.Peter,attended Christian State Meeting in St.Paul  
1889-2 The Christians will have a harvest supper at the Hall on Thursday  
1889-2 Burglars broke into Postoffice, Boyntons, Piper & Jones, and the Depot  
1889-2 Miss Mellie Ray has returned and will attend school here  
1889-2 B.E. Co. Ag. Societymet Sat. elected Officers. Pres.-R.Honk,Sec.-J.Thomp.
1889-2 Infant son of M/M Geo. Goodall was buried Sunday  
1889-2 $286. was correct amt. raised by M.E.Church tp pay off debt.(not $160.)  
1889-2 The successful proceeds made by the Methodists goes towards an organ  
1889-2 Elder Truax receives postorate at Spokane Falls, Washington  
1889-2 Harvest supper made over $43.00  
1889-2 Elder Lane preaches, State Evangelist, preaches Sunday and week nights  
1889-2 Frank Thurston's barn burned w/60 tons of hay and oats last Sun.  
1889-2 Florence Roberts marries Nels Swenson Wednesday at her Uncle's home  
1889-2 Fire several times along the bluff, east of town  
1889-2 Charlie Marvin will attend State Agr. College & Exp. Station this fall, Mpls.  
1889-2 Weather is crisp  
1889-2 The box social was successful  
1889-2 Baptist church is getting a new roof  
1889-2 The bridge is undergoing repairs  
1889-2 Effie Warner is attending Normal School in Mankato  
1889-2 Grace & Nellie Alware had buggy accident. Grace severely injured.  
1889-2 Sarah Smith & James Thompson were married  
1889-2 James Thompson and Nellie Cook were married Thursday evening  
1889-2 The Christian ladies Industrial society met w/Mrs.Oliver to sew Mrs. Campbell
1889-2 Rev. Mitchell, Duluth, lecturing at Boynton's Hall on India  
1889-2 Prof.Reed has a new son  
1889-2 J.B.Pierce died in Vernon Center last week  
1889-2 Methodist Sunday School Held a concert Sunday eve.  
1889-2 Seven Day Advents are building sheds for their horses  
1889-2 Blue Earth Co. Agri. Society Annual Mtg. next Sat. for electing officers  
1889-2 Dr. Murphy enlarging his barn  
1889-2 Will Mason sold meat market to Wm. Bush  
1889-2 Dec.18, 1889 Farmers are plowing and dragging  
1889-2 Geo. Nelson has gone west to teach school  
1889-2 Station agent Mr. Reid married Amanda Dilley.  
1889-2 Baby son of Dr. Murphy died Monday night  
1889-2 Fair is held at Boynton's;ladies serving lunch  
1889-2 Christian Sunday School holding a Christmas Cantata  
1889-2 Methodists and Baptists will unite for their scholars  
1890-1 Ms.Friend & Ms.Norton hurt in double rig accident  
1890-1 Funeral of Mrs.John Rew was held last the Baptist Church  
1890-1 Due to an epidemic, two departments of the schools closed down  
1890-1 G.Ward has disappeared  
1890-1 Fred Lamberton is attending school in Mankato  
1890-1 Grace Nelson & Lulu Terry are attending Normal School in Mankato  
1890-1 Joe Tyson sold his house to J.S.Church  
1890-1 Joe Tyson sold his farm to Chas. Boynton  
1890-1 Christian society finished paying for their organ  
1890-1 Prohibition lectures held all week  
1890-1 Grace Nelson attending Normal School in Mankato  
1890-1 Frank Durand going to work for $75./mo. In Montana for an uncle  
1890-1 Mr. Blake will build a house on property recently purchased  
1890-1 Supt. Parker attending State Institute in Mapleton this week  
1890-1 William Over has rented H.C.Howard's farm  
1890-1 Louis LaFavor died in Mankato on April 3, 1890  
1890-1 Robert Pringle has returned from England after 2 years