Lime Social Notes

Index created from newspaper clippings found in the township notebooks located in the Research Center. Use your browsers "Find" option to search within this page. If you would like more information about an item, please contact the Research Center.

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1899-1 L:. S. Burt, Old Settler Returns
1899-1 McPherson Farmers Ins. Co.
1899-1 Dr. Steele; H. Schultz Broken Jawbone
1899-1 Mathais Schumacher is 72 Years Old
1900-1 Lime Clerk J. Born Gives Township Report
1900-1 Fowler & Pay Quarry Fall, G. Schmidt
1900-1 Dr. Warner Tends Jacob Born Fall Injuries
1900-1 Anniversary, Mr/Mrs. Frank Borgmeir, 50 yrs
1904-1 Ed. Mann Struck by Gr. Western Train
1904-1 Harlan & Macbeth's Livery
1904-1 Lizzie Hertz Struck by Freight Train
1904-1 Farmers Exchange/Elevator Organized
1904-1 Plowing Bee at C. Guentzel Farm
1904-1 Judge Plymat Rules Rausch & Berg 
1904-2 Anniversary, Mr/ Mrs. Nicholas Heinzeman
1904-2 Anniversary, Heinzeman photos
1904-2 Anniversary,  Heinzeman Family Attends
1906-1 Blooming Pansies in February
1906-1 Rappley Sells Farm to Guentel, $70 per acre
1905-1 Heinzman Farm Burned, Arson Hinted
1905-1 Koch Murder Trial Acquits New Ulm Dentist
1905-1 Heinzman Saves Possible Train Wreck
1905-1 Mark L. Wildes Potatoe Experiment
1907-1 School District 45 Honor Roll
1907-1 School District 45 E. Hoaglund Teacher
1908-1 Jacob Roemer Horses Bolt in Mankato
1911-1 Farmers to Build Solos
1911-1 St. Peter/Paul Cath.Building Committee
1911-1 August Schult, 51 Years 
1911-1 Foxes Killed in Rapidan Town
1911-1 Asthma Sufferer Adjudged Insane
1911-2 Mankato Street Car Strikes Farm Wagon
1911-2 Apples of Matt Borgmeier, Wolf River Variety
1911-2 School House Construction at Section 45
1912-1 Heidwinkel Farm Sells at $92.50 Acre
1912-1 Wedding, Aug. Schweim & Otilla Baruth
1912-1 Wedding, Simon Schulte & V. Johnston
1913-1 Corn Growers Assn. Elects Officers
1913-1 Street Car & Guentzel Auto Collide
1915-1 Lunkenheimer, Schmidt & Ficks Logging Bee
1915-3 Wedding, Ora Compton/Reuben Anderson
1915-3 N.W.Phones, O. Compton to Edith Johnson
1915-3 Search 3 Hours for Lost Cultivator Shovel
1915-4 Shingling Bee at Wm. Oehler Place
1915-5 Boating at Foster Point, Eagle Lake
1915-5 Mail Box Meeting
1915-7 Fair at Mankato
1915-7 Ravine Band Plays at 
1915-6 Mud Lake Orchestra; Boating/Bathing Party
1916-1 American Society of Equity
1916-1 German Red Cross Bazaar
1916-1 Erysipelas Disease
1916-1 School Dist 48, Laura Moeri teacher
1916-1 School District 48, Sugar Grove
1916-1 Wood Choppers Union Sells Out
1916-1 Schumachers School House
1916-1 Farmers Have Full Ice Houses
1916-2 Magin & Williams Saw Mill
1916-2 Kron Hill Widened
1916-2 Sugar Beet Plow
1916-3 Crowbar Feed Sawmill, Magen/Williams
1916-3 M. Sanger Seeks Nomination, County Comm.
1916-3 Wedding, A. Guentzel/G. Freie
1917-1 School, Sugar Grove Social & Play
1918-1 Matt Borgmeier Sells Farm, 50 Year Resident
1919-1 Klein's Island in Lake Wita to C. Oehler
1920-1 Wedding, Monte Beblue/Carrie Plum
1923-1 Vernon Ullom Injured While Cutting Wood
1925-1 Limetown Community Club Meets
1925-1 Michael Humer Dies
1926-1 Brooks vs Burt Pic Theft Case
1926-1 Brooks vs Burt Pic Theft Case
1926-2 Limetown Community Club Meets
1926-2 Limetown Community Club Meets
1927-1  McTighe Hosts Limetown Comm. Club
1928-1 Limetown Farmers Injured Train/Car Accident
1928-1 Guentzel,Guentzel,Wandersee, Rauchman
1928-1 One Injured Remains in Hospital,E. Guentzel
1928-2 Limetown Comm. Club Meets, Members List
1928-2 LimeTown club Meets at Chapman Home
1930-1 Dogs Divert Bull; Save Man's Life
1930-1 Dr. J. Butzer Treats Farmer' Crushed Foot
1930-1 Lime Town Appoints #5 Hwy Committee
1931-1 Bradley Crossing School Reopened
1933-1 Farmers Fight 12 Acres Blazing Peat Bog
1933-1 Phalaris or Reed Canary Grass to be Planted
1923-1 Page Road House Gets Beer License
1940-1 Wolf Bounty Paid($25) to H. Nelson
1942-1 Lloyd Mann, 42 Years Joins the Army
1969-1 Sugar Grove School, #154, Dist.77`
1969-1 Mrs. Francis Korteum Teacher, Dist 154
1886-1 Teacher, Sterling Center, Geo. Koenan
1886-1 Trotter
1887-1 Stone Quarries, F. Fowler & Jos. Kuntz
1887-1 Wardlow Ravine Stone Culvert Bids
1887-1 McMullen Quarry
1887-1 Railroad Trestle, Lime Township
1890-1 Dufly Willlson Disorderly Conduct
1892-1 Schumacher Bros. Threshing Stats
1892-1 Tubular Wells, Boehland, 165 feet deep
1893-1 Horse Racing
1896-1 Fine for Driving Horse on Sidewalk, G. Burt
1897-1 McBride Land to be Surveyed
1897-1 Wedding, F. Koenen/Grace Boehland
1897-1 Diphtheria patient Tended to by Dr. Hielscher
1897-1 Bradley Crossing Site of Derrick Accident
1897-1 Surveyprs Estabish Dividing Line-Lime/Kasota
1901-1 Farmers Organize to Buy Horse, Pay Refused
1901-1 Dr. Schmauss Operates, Moeri Appendicitus
1914-1 Loyola Club Hosts Three Towns
1917-6 Wedding, Pauline Hanel/Frank Homer
1917-6 Shafer Gravel Pit Graveling Bee
1920-2 Narrow Escape From Lighting, Mrs. Salfer