The Andrews Family Opera Company

Members of the Andrews family began their professional musical careers in 1876 as the Andrews Swiss Bell Ringers and in 1884 became the Andrews Family Opera Company, The Opera Company continued performing until 1901. Their travels took them from Philadelphia to Albequerque. After the grou pdisbanded, some of the family continued their individual professional careers into the 1930s and 40s.

Who is Albert Schippel?

A brief biography of the architect from the remarkable escape from Indiana at the age of three (in 1862) through his career of designing “half the buildings in Mankato.” Smith, the great-nephew of Schippel’s niece, based his article on family lore, local interviews, and archival sources, tracing many area buildings from 1890 to 1916.

My First Dollar

The article, based on short features that appeared in the Mankato Free Press in 1934, details how several local business and professional men began their careers. It also focuses on a few women who achieved local fame in various fields during the first half of the 20th century.


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