Beauford Corners

The unoccupied creamery, United Methodist Church, and mailboxes still bearing the names of generations of owners gave evidence of the once-thriving village 12 miles south of Mankato. Gail Palmer, area rural teacher from 1930’s-1950’s faithfully details its history.

Then and Now

Two pages of well-known buildings and areas in Mankato are compared in photographs from 1902 to the present. They include Carnegie Public Library, Main Street Bridge, Post Office, First National Bank Building, Court House.

The Circus Comes to Town

Schrader points out that Al Ringling’s help from his uncle, Nicholas Julear in St. Clair was instrumental in the beginnings of the Ringling Brother’s Circus here in 1872. She also presents some rare area photographs from the 1880’s to 1908 that dealt with the circus and other local gatherings.


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