Danville Social Notes

Index created from newspaper clippings found in the township notebooks located in the Research Center. Use your browsers "Find" option to search within this page. If you would like more information about an item, please contact the Research Center.

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1880-1 Census  
1883-2 Danville Bridge  
1891-1 Threshing Accidents  
1892-1 County Board  
1892-2 Deubler, John Mischievousness on Farm  
1893-1 Griggs, Jerry  
1894-2 Carey, Wm. Family  
1894-2 Eschbaugh, J.P. sold farm  
1895-1 Hog Cholera Spreading  
1895-1 Swine Plague  
1895-2 Danville Farmers are Losing many Hogs  
1896-1 A Danville Girl Saves an Insane Mans Life Luarisch, Lena  
1896-2 On the Street Representative Juliar  
1896-2 Creamery Company  
1896-3 Frightened  
1897-5 Peddlers Law  
1898-1 Annual Meeting of Danville Star  
1898-1 O'Connor, Mary adjudged insane  
1899-1 Post Office Discontinued  
1901-1 Hearing Postponed  
1920-1 It Was Gun Powder- Latourell, Harvey  
1904-1 Brutally Assaulted-Deibler, Elizabeth  
1905-1 Ditch No. 5 Completed  
1908-1 Walser, Ferd. Purchased farm from Deubler, Godfred  
1909-1 Mr. and Mrs. Treanor Celebrated Golden Wedding  
1910-1 Griggs, Mr.and Mrs. Jerry Married 50 Years  
1911-6 Carey, William M. sold to Grimes, R.S.  
1912-13 All Gathered Home-Carey, Wm. Family  
1913-9 May Prove Fatal-Stencil, Stanley  
1913-11 No $45,000 Ditch  
1914-2 An Apology-Groppel, A.C. to Albright, Frank  
1917-3 Kremer Case Settled  
1918-1 Danville Red Cross  
1918-10 Charge of Disloyalty Made Against Young Man- Priem, Frederick  
1920-2 An Aged Resident Dies-Grandma Hashen  
1920-5 Narrow Escape From Death-Ogle, Ed  
1922-1 Will Uncle Cannon, Joe Enter the Race Again?  
1923-2 Danville Lady Injured-Beske, Mrs. Walter  
1923-3 Hinton, Jack Injured  
1924-1 Barn and Horses Burn  
1924-1 Pick Family Reunion  
1926-1 Sullivan, James Gift of Radio  
1927-1 Danville Farm Bureau Meeting  
1928-4 Chairman Named Danville Meet  
1928-15 Corn Stalks Made Into Paper  
1931-1 Danvile Couple Observes Their Silver Wedding -Pick, Mr. and Mrs.  
1932-1 McCardle- Find Money Hid For Years in Wall of Old Farmstead  
1932-1 Richter, Albert Buys Danville Farm from Fischer, Wm. Jr.  
1932-1 Walser, Loretta Almost Drowned  
1933-1 Danville Farm Woman Raises Some of State's Best Turkeys  
1934-1 Program at Danville Hall is Presented by Welfare Assiciation  
1934-1 Danvile Young Man Wins State Honors- Ogle, Arthur  
1934-1 Fischer, Otto is Corn Shredder Victim; Arm Off  
1935-7 Danville Lutherans Mark 50 Years In Same Church  
1935-8 Danville Church Has Celebration  
1937-2 Danville M.E. Church Notes Anniversary  
1937-2 Roads and Temperature  
1937-3 Does Anyone Know Where Cobb River P.O. Once Was?  
1937-3 Cobb River Post Office Site Located  
1940-2 Mr. and Mrs. Beske, Robert Wed 50 Years  
1940-2 Lad Has Narrow Escape From Drowning-Carey, Lionel  
1940-7 You'd Smile Too-Voightlander, Golda  
1941-3 Bridge Collapses When Hit By a Truck  
1942-3 You're Sober! This is Real-St. John's Lutheran Church Leaning South  
1942-3 Windstorm Blows Danville Church into Basement  
1942-3 Settlement Made in Suit for Damage to County Bridge  
1943-4 Report Latourelle, Harold Lost in Bataan Battle  
1943-4 Danville Soldier Prisoner of Japs- Latorelle, Harold  
1943-8 Latorelle, Sherm Badly Burned  
1943-10 New Danville Lutheran Church Dedicated Sunday  
1943-12 Commissioners Re-elect Minks, W.C.  
1944-1 Silver Star for Bruce Morrow, but Biggest Thrill is Flowers Buddies Sent  
1944-2 Bullet Passes Through Danville Woman's Scarf- Kilnder, Mrs. Carl  
1944-2 Danville Is Over The Top  
1945-1 Morrow, Bruce Presetned With Silver Star at Ceremoy Tonight  
1945-1 Simple Ceremony Marks Presentation of Silver Star-Morrow, Bruce J.  
1945-2 Danville Church Will Be Sold  
1945-2 Lindeland, Lowell Takes Honors at Livestock Show  
1945-2 Danville Soldier Home-Pick, Leroy  
1945-3 Latourelle, Sgt. Death March Survivor, Tells Experiences  
1945-3 Danville Township Votes Levy of $5,000  
1945-4 Cpl. Latourelle Released From Jap Prison  
1946-1 Fischer, Arno to Head Danville Farm Bureau  
1946-1 Danville Votes Not To Oppose Liquor Store