Historians 1972-1979

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  • Author: Burns, Burt
    Issue Date: November 1972

    The author first focuses on the nearness of second century for the Historical Society and its museum’s. He then visits Dr. Anna Wiecking and relates some of her views on Mankato today and yesterday.

  • Author: Betty Cords
    Issue Date: March 1973

    Four photos and a sketch enhance a short article on this industry’s beginnings in Mankato during the years 1870 to 1880, including the use of the county’s first telephone. 

  • Author: Helen Girard
    Issue Date: June 1973

    Girard’s two-part article begins with “sparkling stories” told to her by the 93 year-old former county sheriff, and then investigates the old structure which spanned the Le Sueur River between Mankato and Rapidan.

  • Author: Nancy Luomala
    Issue Date: November 1973

    Luomala views three downtown buildings which faced demolition due to the “projected Front Street Mall,”focusing on the decorative examples of Victorian edifices. At the time, all three were expected to face the wrecking ball. Only the building at 209 Front Street, currently Embers Restaurant, was eventually torn down

  • Issue Date: Spring 1974

    Several close friends and colleagues share their recollections of this renowned teacher, administrator, friend, and co-worker over a fifty-year period.

  • Author: Ben Keenen
    Issue Date: Summer 1974

    A long-time resident of the area, Keenan reminisces in words and photos beginning in 1898. As a historian and poet, his fine recollections of school days and valley doings in the early days make for excellent reading.

  • Author: Jeanne Kress
    Issue Date: October 1976

    Over the years, many of the fair’s prize-winning “fine arts,” including an 1887 painting of the Seppman Mill, have found their way into our museum. Kress incorporates a brief history of the fair with a look at some of its award winners which are now BECHS artifacts. 

  • Author: George W. Scherer
    Issue Date: January 1977

    Scherer pens a highly informative article that should be invaluable to any researcher of Mankato especially the businesses that flourished from 1902 to 1958. The names of many local owners and managers of the period are part of this historical article.

  • Author: Jeanne Kress
    Issue Date: January 1978

    Scandinavian settlers began to appear in the 1850’s, with Norwegians far outnumbering the Swedes. Kress points out that “the Lutheran faith seems to have been the strongest unifying influence” in this ethnic group’s ability to prosper.

  • Author: Jeanne Kress
    Issue Date: April 1978

    Local Scottish settlers brought their national game with them from Scotland and curling is a sport that continues to draw enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Author: Inella Burns
    Issue Date: July 1978

    Burns details the life and accomplishments of this world-famous “violinist, writer, teacher, lecturer and patron of the arts,” who brought so much to the “musical life of Blue Earth County in the early 20th century.”

  • Author: Jeanne Kress
    Issue Date: October 1978

    A Minnesota State Fair Board project, begun in 1976, named five county farms of historical importance. Kress traces the beginnings of these farms from earliest settlement to date.

  • Author: Jeanne Kress
    Issue Date: October 1978

    Quotes from several Mankato newspapers spice up this interesting history (and possible future) of one of the county’s most famous landmarks.

  • Author: Jeanne Kress
    Issue Date: January 1979

    Kress continues her exploration in words and photographs of this historic landmark currently in jeopardy.

    (Note: It still stands as part of the area’s recreational trail today.) 

  • Author: George W. Scherer and Jeanne Kress
    Issue Date: April 1979

    The authors continue their recollections--in words and photographs--of Mankato area people and places now long gone (see the January 1977 newsletter).

  • Author: George W. Scherer and Jeanne Kress
    Issue Date: October 1979

    Scherer’s family were among the many who immigrated to this area from Germany in the early 1860’s, and his father, G.W. Scherer Sr., published the only local German-language newspaper in the late 1880’s. G.W. Jr. and Jeanne Kress continue with the history of several early Mankato newspapers to the mid-1950’s.