Historians 1990-1999

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  • Author: Mario diValmarana
    Issue Date: July 1990

    In the April 1990 issue of Preservation News, diValmarana defines the term “historic house” as used in America and why and how such structures can and should be preserved.

  • Author: Mario diValmarana
    Issue Date: August 1990

    Continues the survey of historical houses and the importance of preservation.

  • Author: Gail Palmer
    Issue Date: November 1990

    Traces the history of the school from 1864 to 1988.

  • Author: Roger Norland
    Issue Date: December 1990

    Cummings, born in Vermont, settled in Blue Earth County in 1853 and filled many County offices from 1856 through 1858. In December 1859, he concocted a false story of John Brown’s rescue at Harper’s Ferry, which was printed in the Mankato Record. In 1861, became a sergeant for the Minnesota Sharp Shooters, but after moving to Washington, DC, he criticized its officers. Cummings ended his checkered career as a medical doctor. He left his mark here with the “Cummings Addition to Mankato.”

  • Author: Craig Roberts
    Issue Date: January 1991

    In 1905, the largest funeral ever held at the Sterling Church near the Maple River was for Garren, a former slave who had lived in the area since the Civil War days. “A common man, he learned respect in disrespectful times.”

  • Author: Ted Roemer
    Issue Date: April 1991

    Two members of this county’s family were honored at the annual Heritage Dinner in 1991. Traces their background and ancestors, and then focuses on this branch and its accomplishments.

  • Author: Gail Palmer
    Issue Date: March 1991

    Seeks to clarify the distinction between the two chiefs of the 1860’s, both of whom were connected with the village of Good Thunder although one was Sioux and the other Winnebago.

  • Author: Marcia Schuster
    Issue Date: February 1991

    Reprinted from a 1973 Home Magazine article, Schuster gives a complete short summary of the life and career of Mankato’s own illustrious author, whetting the reader’s interest in Hart Lovelace’s famous Betsy-Tacy books.

  • Author: Bryce Stenzel
    Issue Date: May 1991

    A brief summary of events leading up to the entrance of Minnesota in the conflict, then looks at local soldiers and battles in which they served.

  • Author: Georgia Enfield Schultz
    Issue Date: June/July 1991

    Follows the first of the name to settle in Mankato, and the later importance of family members to area business. 

  • Author: George Tabbert
    Issue Date: October 1991

    Focuses on a Mankato park that flourished at the junction of Willard and Fulton streets in 1908.

  • Author: Gail Palmer
    Issue Date: November 1991

    Follows the various homes of the teacher training institution from 1868 to 1988 when the final structure, now on the National register, became a retirement community.

  • Author: Julie Schrader
    Issue Date: February 1992

    Based on the author’s History of Blue Earth County, traces the grist mill from 1866-1872 and its part in wheat becoming the principal regional industry. Also focuses on the bridge built at the site of the mill in 1911, and the special three-car railroad train at its dedication. Finally, in 1960, the old single lane concrete bridge began to cave in and was replaced.

  • Author: Jeff Kroke
    Issue Date: April 1992

    Several members of this immigrant Swedish family followed the construction trade in the Mankato area, erecting many business, school and public office buildings. They also were active in community affairs, and some of their descendents continue in the economic and cultural life of the area.

  • Author: Jeff Kroke
    Issue Date: June 1992

    Differentiates between three early types of photographs and printing methods, then gives valuable suggestions in caring for both old photographs and modern prints.

  • Issue Date: August 1992

    Enchanting tale of the maiden and the curiosity which was her undoing

  • Issue Date: October 1992

    Taken from a Mankato Free Press article appearing November 11, 1952, this story focuses on the main means of transportation to and from Mankato in the early years.

  • Author: Gene Braam
    Issue Date: November 1992

    This script was performed by a Ghosts from the Past cast at Williams Nature Center on October 3-4, 1992. Author researched the subject using Thomas Hughes’s History of Minneopa State Park (1932).

  • Author: Jon Craig
    Issue Date: December 1992

    Presents the work done Ken Knutson and other volunteers in processing artifacts for the BECHS Collection. At the time, there were 11,600 artifacts in the collection. 

  • Author: Jon Craig
    Issue Date: January/February 1993

    Relays information from Fire Chief Ben Bargerter’s History of the Mankato Fire Department and a Mankato Free Press article from April 5, 1960, tracing the early story of local firefighting units from 1860 to 1920.

  • Author: Gail Palmer
    Issue Date: March/April 1993

    J.R. Tincom had a beautiful dream for 240 homes and a city park to be built on his land; it would take 120 years for it to be realized. Palmer has intriguingly traced Tincom’s vision through the years and the people who settled the James Avenue area and helped make it the important part of Mankato that it is today.

  • Author: Jeffery Braun
    Issue Date: May/June 1993

    Excerpt from author’s series on the railway industry in Mankato, southern Minnesota’s rail hub.

  • Author: Julie Schrader
    Issue Date: May/June 1993

    Traces the 100-year history of Mankato hospitals that culminated in the first known merger between a community hospital and a Catholic hospital.

  • Author: Burt Burns
    Issue Date: July/August 1993

    Focuses on “Mankato’s short life as an automobile manufacturing center,” covering the years 1891-1912. Cites the many local people who had a hand in the rapid growth, then demise, of the area’s motor car industry.

  • Author: Inella Burns
    Issue Date: September/October 1993

    For many years, beginning in 1880, the Mapleton Opera house served as a community center for traveling shows, dances, graduations, and especially for performances by local talent. Several amateurs in the opera company, including Flo Hanna, Jack Johnson, and Charles Brown, became professionals. Later the building found many uses before it was finally torn down in 1972.

  • Author: Jeffery Braun
    Issue Date: September/October 1993

    Nostalgic look at venerable trains, some at work and some housed at the Hubbard Mill Yard and the Omaha Roundhouse. These steam trains, more than forty years old, still “pound the rails” hauling freight and making local passenger runs (as of 1993).

  • Author: Jeffery Braun
    Issue Date: November/December 1993

    Colorful turn-of-the century Mankato car dealer is profiled, beginning with his participation in youthful pranks (firing off the curve was common in Lincoln Park, amazing 36 arrests for speeding), then taking him through his years in the auto business where he also raced cars for fun.

  • Author: Shirley Grundmeier
    Issue Date: January/February 1994

    Following a brief resume of the life of General George W. Meade, the article traces the life and career of the Colonel W. Mead, from his birth in Ohio in 1845 to his death in Mankato in 1928.

  • Author: Shirley Grundmeier
    Issue Date: March/April 1994

    Surveys growth of the village of Eagle Lake from its beginnings in 1856 to a total population of 1703 in 1990. Originally five miles east of Mankato, today the “quiet neighborly community” lies less than three miles away.

  • Author: Michelle Maack Friedericks
    Issue Date: May/June 1994

    Surveys history of the club from 1963 to 1994, citing flowers and herbs that grow well in the Carriage House garden and were common during Victorian Times.

  • Author: Shirley Grundmeier
    Issue Date: July/August 1994

    Highlights the lives of this “family of achievers” from father H.R. Wiecking and mother Emma (Kerndt) and their five illustrious offspring. Daughter Anna, for whom (along with sister Emma) MSU’s Wiecking Center was named, points out how parents and teachers “influence children for good...when some of the ideals that make our country great have been submerged.” 

  • Author: W. W. Boyington
    Issue Date: November/December 1994

    Reprinted from July 1923 edition of the Free Press, Boyington interviewed many of the farmers along Routes 41 and 1 during a midsummer drought. The article paints a vivid picture of lives of various farmers along the two routes, with many names still well known in the area.

  • Issue Date: January/February 1995

    This edition is dedicated to “all the people who have worked to make Lake Crystal the town it is today.” Photographs and texts focus on “Early Citizens,” “A Progressive Community,” and “125th Anniversary Events.”

  • Issue Date: March/April 1995

    Focuses on the honorees of the 1995 Annual Heritage Family Dinner sponsored by BECHS. Active in the Amboy area since 1898, the Dethloffs are traced in word and picture through a century of involvement in church and community.

  • Author: Roger Norland
    Issue Date: May/June 1995

    Mankato’s Lincoln Park once held a memorial fountain surrounded by monuments in memory of Blue Earth County soldiers who served in the Civil War. Norland gives details of the erection in 1892 and its dedication on Memorial Day, 1893.

  • Author: Julie Schrader
    Issue Date: July/August 1995

    Marking the 136th anniversary of the fair, Schrader presents a brief history of words and photos from the Historical Society Collection

  • Author: Julie Schrader
    Issue Date: July/August 1995

    Schrader points out that Al Ringling’s help from his uncle, Nicholas Julear in St. Clair was instrumental in the beginnings of the Ringling Brother’s Circus here in 1872. She also presents some rare area photographs from the 1880’s to 1908 that dealt with the circus and other local gatherings.

  • Author: Anna M. Wiecking
    Issue Date: October/November 1995

    In this excerpt, Wiecking focuses on achievements in Blue Earth County that had changed peoples lives over the years. She cites the way people earned their living, new industries, transportation and communities, schools and churches, health and recreation.

  • Author: Inella Burns
    Issue Date: Summer 1996

    Burns follows the club on a “journey through a hundred years of cultural and social history,” citing examples of civic projects, and political activity, as well as the study of art and artists.

  • Issue Date: Fall 1996

    Two pages of well-known buildings and areas in Mankato are compared in photographs from 1902 to the present. They include Carnegie Public Library, Main Street Bridge, Post Office, First National Bank Building, Court House.

  • Author: Shirley Grundmeier
    Issue Date: Summer 1997

    Follows the progress of the village from 1856 to present, finding it still a “quiet, neighborly community” although it had grown in population from 350 to 1700 in 1990.

  • Author: Frank Franciscus
    Issue Date: Summer 1997

    German immigrant Matthias Dehumacher and his wife Anna were the township’s first settlers in 1855, living first in an abode made of bark, later in a log house still occupied by family members in 1942.

  • Author: Gail Palmer
    Issue Date: Summer 1997

    The unoccupied creamery, United Methodist Church, and mailboxes still bearing the names of generations of owners gave evidence of the once-thriving village 12 miles south of Mankato. Gail Palmer, area rural teacher from 1930’s-1950’s faithfully details its history.

  • Author: Inella Burns
    Issue Date: Fall 1997

    Photographs and text highlights R. D. Hubbard, his wives and children, and the extensive social life they enjoyed in their mansion.

  • Issue Date: Winter 1998

    Traces one of the worst blizzards that ever isolated the city, following the day-long rain that isolated the area. Includes two pages of snow and flood photographs from early 1951.

  • Author: Robert Russell
    Issue Date: Spring 1998

    Using text and photographs, Russell traces the first of the University from 1858 to 1958.

  • Author: Inella Burns
    Issue Date: Summer 1998

    Over the years, many people and organizations were instrumental in securing and maintaining the ten parks in Blue Earth County that today “meet the area’s recreational needs as well as preserve attractive natural sites” for future generations.

  • Author: Rich O'Brien
    Issue Date: Winter 1999

    The history of Skihaven (now Mount Kato) is traced from its humble beginnings in 1937 as Harvey Anderson and his wife Dolly are fondly remembered.

  • Author: Tim King
    Issue Date: Spring 1999

    Description of Tom Melchior’s book They Call Me Teacher: Stories of Minnessota Country School Teachers and Students From 1915 to 1961. Includes some excerpts from the book.

  • Author: Shirley Grundmeier
    Issue Date: Summer 1999

    A brief history of the Anthony Wayne Chatper, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Includes a brief biography of General Anthony Wayne and his service during the Revolutionary War.

  • Author: Clarice Finnegan and Beth Zimmer
    Issue Date: Summer 1999

    A brief history of steamboating on the Minnesota River from 1850 through 1897.

  • Author: Shirley Grundmeier
    Issue Date: Fall 1999

    Closely focuses on the schools from the first log cabin site, through fire, war, and the 10-year campaign for a new school. Culminates in the construction and early years of a second high school.