Historic Preservation Reference Collection

This collection has great information about different ways to preserve historic buildings, ways to make downtown more presentable and The Old-House Journal­, which discusses different ideas on how to renovate and maintain older houses. Also included in this collection are Sanborn Fire Insurance maps and a book listing the different historic sites throughout Minnesota. For more information about this collection, visit or contact the Research Center.

Items Included in this collection:

  • The National Register of Historical Places, Minnesota Checklist
  • Mankato Township Growth Management Study, May 2001
  • Downtown Revitalization Strategy and Implementation Program, December 1990
  • South Front Street Urban and Regional Studies Insitute, MSU, 2002
  • South Front Street Gateway to Downtown, Feb. 2002
  • Sakatah Singing Hills Trail, Master Plan Revisited, 1995
  • City of Mankato Historic Context Study
  • National Registrar of Historic Places, Mankato Listings
  • National Registrar of Historic Places, Blue Earth County Listings
  • Design Guidelines - Mankato Sibley Parkway
  • Architectural Pattern Book, Washington Park District
  • Architectural Pattern Book, Sibley Park District
  • 101 Tips and Techniques for Downtown Improvement
  • Main Street Guidelines: Public Improvement on Main Street
  • Main Street Guidelines: Awnings and Canopies on Main Street
  • Main Street Guidelines: Signs for Main Street
  • Main Street Guidelines: Real Estate Glossary
  • Main Street Guidelines: Rehabilitation and Pro Forma Analysis
  • Main Street Guidelines: Market Analysis
  • Main Street Guidelines: The Development Process
  • Main Street Guidelines: Evaluating the Downtown Real Estate Opportunity
  • Main Street Guidelines: Development Financing
  • Main Street Guidelines: Structuring Local Participation
  • The Old-House Journal, 1973-1985 (Missing some issues.)
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: 1884, 1889, 1894, 1900, 1908, 1924 and 1924 with 1948 addendum
  • Plus many others

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