Lyra Social Notes

Index created from newspaper clippings found in the township notebooks located in the Research Center. Use your browsers "Find" option to search within this page. If you would like more information about an item, please contact the Research Center.

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1916-5 Maple River Club & Memorial Day
1883-1 Cemetery Fire Near Shaubut Farm
1883-1 Theft, Henry Heintzman Home
1884-1 Fogerty VS Knapp Horse Trading
1884-1 Kunz Quarry Stone to Omaha
1884-1 Stove Factory
1893-1 Columbian Postage Stamps
1894-1 Rev. Pratt to St. Peter Hospital
1894-1 Railroad Bonds $15000 Maturing
1894-1 Maple River Bridge Proposed
1894-2 Wedding Evenson/Eastman
1894-2 Rev. Sanderspm
1896-1 Taylor Bridge Moves 4 Feet
1897-1 Postmaster Harry sprague, No. 7
1897-1 Sterling Center Milk Route
1897-1 Teacher, Maude Goff, Dist. 97
1897-1 Lewis Ford High Water Mark
1897-1 Johnson School House
1897-1 Nichols & Shepard Thrashing 
1897-2 Sprague School House Damages
1898-1 Death, M. Meyer Sr.
1899-1 Good Thunder Pays Taxes to Lyra
1899-1 Dr. Bishop Tends Farm Accident
1901-1 Fireman Ball Nets $65 Donations
1901-1 Milsow Butter Maker, Cry. Assn.