Obituary Book 3 Part 1

For the past 25 years, volunteers have been clipping newspapers from the past 130+ years for obituaries and pasting them into binders. These binders are known as our Obituary Books and date back to the 1880s for obituaries. These books are not in chronological order, but are separated by last names. If you find someone in one of the books that you would like to see the obituary for, please contact the Research Center.

Please note: We often have more information about an individual than just the obituary. Please also inquire about wills, cemetery information and other information the we have related to your family.

Also note: Obituaries are of Blue Earth County residence only. If the person did not die in Blue Earth County and there was no obituary run in a Blue Earth County paper, we do not have the obituaries for those people.

Obit Book   Page Last Name First Name Maiden Name
3   A-1 Anderson Wallie M.  
3   A-1 Antonson Helen  
3   A-1 Anderson Earl J.  
3   A-1 Allen Lucy Lanfen
3   A-1 Ahern Isabelle Scheurer
3   A-1 Anderson Lyle S.  
3   A-1 Apitz (Mrs. Carl)  
3   A-1 Abelman Earl W.  
3   A-1 Allison Ruth Bradley
3   A-1 Alexander Henry A.  
3   A-1 Anderson Bernard J.  
3   A-1 Ahl Harold W.  
3   A-1 Anderson Walter W.  
3   A-1 Ashford Lucille  
3   A-1 Alley Mabel M. Hahn
3   A-2 Arnold Kenneth D.  
3   A-2 Ahl Fred  
3   A-2 Anderson Clarence  
3   A-2 Arndt Linda Alma  
3   A-2 Allen Warren H.  
3   A-2 Anderson (Infant)  
3   A-2 Abbott Hazel Belle  
3   A-2 Axtell Robert E.  
3   A-2 Axtelle Jennie C.  
3   A-2 Anderson Arthur I.  
3   A-2 Anderson Arthur I.  
3   A-2 Amann Agnes  
3   A-2 Anderson Alex T.  
3   A-2 Andersen Walter  
3   A-2 Arndt Adolph  
3   A-2 Austin Clara E.  
3   A-2 Anderson Marie E. Bentley
3   A-2 Alexander George A.  
3   A-3 Adams Lawrence  
3   A-3 Altenburg Walter Allen  
3   A-3 Abney Chester  
3   A-3 Amann A. C.  
3   A-3 Anderson Roy M.  
3   A-3 Andengaard Ole  
3   A-3 Anderson Ruben  
3   A-3 Anderson (Mrs. Arvid)  
3   A-3 Anderson John  
3   A-3 Arend Lewis N.  
3   A-3 Ambrosy Sister Mary Michael  
3   A-3 Anderson Carl C.  
3   A-3 Attenberger Cecelia Degner
3   A-3 Anderson Augusta Zernechel
3   A-3 Anderson Robert A.  
3   A-4 Anderson Betty Jane Schutt
3   A-4 Anderson Steven  
3   A-4 Anderson Timothy  
3   A-4 Anderson Mathilda E.  
3   A-4 Armstrong Anna  
3   A-4 Almlie Edsel I. Dorothy A. Hemingway
3   A-4 Aderman William G.  
3   A-4 Albers Clara  
3   A-4 Andresen Lee Edward  
3   A-4 Ahl Minna Zellmer
3   A-4 Anderegg Martin A.  
3   A-4 Andengaard Belle Bredesen
3   A-4 Avarill George E.  
3   A-4 Agnew Donna Dell  
3   A-4 Anderson Stanton  
3   A-4 Armstrong (Mrs. Jessie B.)  
3   A-4 Anderson George A.  
3   A-4 Anderson Marti  
3   A-5 Aldrich Clarence  
3   A-5 Anderson Stuart D.  
3   A-5 Anderson Gloria D.  
3   A-5 Applen Tosten E.  
3   A-5 Abbas Marian Sader
3   A-5 Arens Emma M.  
3   A-5 Abraham Meta Milinda  
3   A-5 Albrecht Tina  
3   A-5 Arndt Bruno A.  
3   A-5 Andersen Grace  
3   A-5 Anderson Lorenzo (Mike)  
3   A-5 Adamson Harry  
3   A-6 Antonson John  
3   A-6 Averill Ruth B.  
3   A-6 Anderson Jennie Drucilla  
3   A-6 Arndt H. W.  
3   A-6 Antinson Earl A.  
3   A-6 Austin Claude  
3   A-6 Alsaker Shirley Maxwell
3   A-6 Armstrong Jake W.  
3   A-6 Axtelle Robert J.  
3   A-6 Arnold Florence Howe
3   A-6 Aune William G.  
3   A-6 Adams Arthur G.  
3   A-6 Ackley Mabel  
3   A-6 Allen Eugene Russell  
3   A-7 Almlie Jennie Haaland
3   A-7 Ackley Mabel  
3   A-7 Arduser Kenneth Paul  
3   A-7 Anderson Edwin O.  
3   A-7 Anderson John (Jack)  
3   A-7 Amann Adolph G.  
3   A-7 Ario Emma E.  
3   A-7 Armstrong Charles  
3   A-7 Askeland Albert  
3   A-7 Abbott Glen M.  
3   A-7 Auringer Hannah M.  
3   A-7 Anderson Mae B. Dickerson
3   A-8 Ahl Dorothy J. Herbert
3   A-8 Armstrong John Woodard  
3   A-8 Anderson Dean R.  
3   A-8 Adams Marie C.  
3   A-8 Aho John J.  
3   A-8 Abdo Mary  
3   A-8 Adams Harold S.  
3   A-8 Abney Ocle  
3   A-8 Arneman Ida M. Kroeger
3   A-8 Anderson Andrew A.  
3   A-8 Anderson Duane Thomas Shirley Mae Honetschlager
3   A-8 Anderson Keith W.  
3   A-8 Anning P. M.  
3   A-9 Anderson George W.  
3   A-9 Arduser Albert C.  
3   A-9 Anderson Melvin R.  
3   A-9 Anderson Alice Urich
3   A-9 Ashmore Willard E.  
3   A-9 Anton Ricky (Infant)  
3   A-9 Albrecht John H. (Jack)  
3   A-9 Ahern Lillian  
3   A-9 Abdo Joseph  
3   A-9 Antl Rudolph  
3   A-10 Adelmann Helen  
3   A-10 Anderson Harry  
3   A-10 Abbott Afa Leonard  
3   A-10 Anderson Anna Sophia Anderson
3   A-10 Anderson Dale A.  
3   A-10 Alexander Ettie  
3   A-10 Alexander Ettie  
3   A-10 Annis Hattie Richter
3   A-10 Abel David L.  
3   A-10 Arndt Martha K.  
3   A-11 Adolphson Nancy  
3   A-11 Abdo Thelma  
3   A-11 Arnold Walter  
3   A-11 Ackerman Harold W.  
3   A-11 Atcherson Florence (Flossie) Southwick
3   A-11 Armstrong Neil J.  
3   A-11 Adams Kenneth D.  
3   A-11 Atkinson Archie (Al) L.  
3   A-12 Anton Arthur  
3   A-12 Armstrong Frances A.  
3   A-12 Agnew Ray H.  
3   A-12 Aura Olive Ione Wolcott
3   A-12 Andengaard Helen  
3   A-12 Anderson Lollie Jones
3   A-12 Appel Leona Salley
3   A-12 Adams Timothy W.  
3   A-12 Antl Florence  
3   A-13 Anderson Lollie Jones
3   A-13 Alexander Charles Sr.  
3   A-13 Alexander Charles J.  
3   A-13 Anderson Earl H.  
3   A-13 Anderson Ronald E.  
3   A-13 Armstrong Grace  
3   A-13 Appel Leon V.  
3   A-13 Anderson Lydia L. Sorenson
3   A-14 Abbe Daniel  
3   A-14 Albrecht Arthur  
3   A-14 Anderson Clarence F.  
3   A-14 Anderson Marie E. Arnemann
3   A-14 Anderson Edward P.  
3   A-14 Atchley Camille Marie  
3   A-14 Anton Helen Rudenick
3   A-15 Alschlager Max  
3   A-15 Anderson Kathleen Leiferman
3   A-15 Anselment Sister Josephine  
3   A-15 Arnoldt Lewis E.  
3   A-15 Arnold Dorothy Gertrude Patten
3   A-15 Anderson Ruth  
3   A-15 Ahlstrom Helga W. Williamson
3   A-15 Anderson Louise B. Marsteen
3   A-15 Austad Loretta M.  
3   A-15 Attenberger Raymond  
3   A-16 Anderson Stella O.  
3   A-16 Abbott Larry N.  
3   A-16 Ashford William G.  
3   A-16 Allen Agnes Johnson
3   A-16 Anderson Ida Bertha Bauman
3   A-16 Ackerman Donald  
3   A-16 Anderson Edward J.  
3   A-16 Anderson Elizabeth M. Keltgen
3   A-16 Ashenbach Ed  
3   A-16 Adams Vera Hendricks
3   A-16 Ahlstrom Florence Pauline Cole
3   A-16 Anderson Jeffrey Adam (Infant)  
3   A-16 Anderson Joel Anthony (infant)  
3   A-17 Austin Edwin R.  
3   A-17 Anderson Duane Martin (Tiny)  
3   A-17 Alexander Dwaine R. (Sandy)  
3   A-17 Anderson Ida O.  
3   A-17 Anderson Forrest B. (Frosty)  
3   A-17 Anderson Chauncey M.  
3   A-17 Anderson Wade  
3   A-17 Anderson Jerry R.  
3   A-17 Alfs Lillian H. Borg
3   A-17 Annis D. R. (Don)  
3   A-17 Austin Derrick M.  
3   A-17 Armstrong Stephen F.  
3   B-1 Block (Mrs. Albert)  
3   B-1 Bynsvold Odin  
3   B-1 Brunz Louis R.  
3   B-1 Bummer (Mrs. Adolph)  
3   B-1 Brunz Edgar A.  
3   B-1 Bollman Douglas Allen (Infant)  
3   B-1 Bursaw John A.  
3   B-1 Boehland Oscar F.  
3   B-1 Broderick Minnette  
3   B-1 Berthiaume LaJune Foster
3   B-1 Brisbane Cora A.  
3   B-1 Bennett Eda M.  
3   B-1 Bengtson Carl E.  
3   B-1 Blumenshein Maggie Skillings
3   B-1 Brickson Benjamin Arron (Infant)  
3   B-1 Benson Veronica Oehler
3   B-1 Bluhm Carl J.  
3   B-1 Boesch Edward  
3   B-1 Becker Marie T. Basha
3   B-2 Bonin Josephine  
3   B-2 Beise Carl E.  
3   B-2 Boevers Charles E.  
3   B-2 Beyer Martin C.  
3   B-2 Berentson Melissa (Infant)  
3   B-2 Bowen Leslie M.  
3   B-2 Bregel (Mrs. Joseph)  
3   B-2 Bummer Adolph  
3   B-2 Brenner Joseph A.  
3   B-2 Buecksler Albert Carl  
3   B-2 Busch Anna Habinger
3   B-2 Becker Casper  
3   B-2 Bunde Frank  
3   B-2 Bach Anna M.  
3   B-3 Borne Laura Otto
3   B-3 Born Laura A. Otto
3   B-3 Birr Bernhard A. (Ben)  
3   B-3 Buggert Charlotte C. M.  
3   B-3 Biehn Frances C.  
3   B-3 Birch John J.  
3   B-3 Birr Bernhard A. (Ben)  
3   B-3 Broemeling Ida E.  
3   B-3 Born John J.  
3   B-3 Busse (Mrs. Emil)  
3   B-3 Busse Emil C.  
3   B-3 Bergemann Otto  
3   B-3 Bissell Ruth E.  
3   B-3 Bienapfl William H.  
3   B-4 Balcerzak Frank  
3   B-4 Boesch John A. (Jack)  
3   B-4 Burkard Sister Mary Josepha  
3   B-4 Black Esther  
3   B-4 Bekke Georgia  
3   B-5 Brett James Edwin J. E. (Ed)  
3   B-5 Biehn Gehrig  
3   B-5 Born Wayne W.  
3   B-5 Brunz Alma H.  
3   B-5 Bixby Joseph A.  
3   B-5 Beetch Blanche E. Picker
3   B-5 Burmeister William (Bill)  
3   B-5 Brosnan Edward J.  
3   B-6 Barker Ida Cecellia Houg
3   B-6 Buckhaus Henry A.  
3   B-6 Bestman Ada  
3   B-6 Burrell Anna C. Rasmussen
3   B-6 Brown Lorraine Martinka
3   B-6 Bode Alma H. Hulke
3   B-6 Burrill Rose K.  
3   B-6 Borchert William C.  
3   B-6 Barker Gertrude  
3   B-6 Blume Jewel  
3   B-6 Blakesley Lawrence  
3   B-7 Buboltz Helmuth H.  
3   B-7 Buesing Anna M.  
3   B-7 Bohrer Fred  
3   B-7 Blackmer Donald  
3   B-7 Balkenhol Louise B. Reinbold
3   B-7 Blasing Kenneth H.  
3   B-7 Bruels Joseph P.  
3   B-7 Bartsch Ruth M.  
3   B-7 Barnard Olwen (Ollie)  
3   B-7 Bergemann Joyce  
3   B-7 Born Irene Goltz
3   B-7 Buckmister Arvilla  
3   B-7 Born George (Jake)  
3   B-8 Blumenshein Raymond H.  
3   B-8 Bjornson Nels  
3   B-8 Born John C.  
3   B-8 Bauer George  
3   B-8 Bertschi Mary  
3   B-8 Beith Maude E.  
3   B-8 Bregel Joseph E.  
3   B-8 Blaisdell Clifford  
3   B-8 Bickel F. E. (Dutch)  
3   B-8 Boehland Ed  
3   B-8 Behrens Herman H. Sr.  
3   B-9 Bienapfl Joseph  
3   B-9 Buchholz Raymond J.  
3   B-9 Burton W. G. A. (Chub)  
3   B-9 Boettger Ruth A.  
3   B-9 Bartsch Otto H.  
3   B-9 Baer Fredrick W.  
3   B-9 Baer Fred W.  
3   B-9 Backhaus Carl A. F.  
3   B-9 Burt Gilbert W.  
3   B-9 Beadell Elinora  
3   B-10 Borkenhagen Gustav J.  
3   B-10 Bohlke Lawrence R.  
3   B-10 Beschnett William Robert  
3   B-10 Buckles Chaucey E.  
3   B-10 Barber Sterling E.  
3   B-10 Buelow (Mrs. Jerry) Crane
3   B-10 Buelow Jerry  
3   B-10 Brauch Edward John  
3   B-10 Byram Maureen Kietzer
3   B-10 Beckstrom Ruben J.  
3   B-10 Blyler John H.  
3   B-10 Ballard Percy  
3   B-10 Busby Robert G.  
3   B-10 Brundies Paul F.  
3   B-11 Brewster Grace  
3   B-11 Bartlett Effie Jones
3   B-11 Bartsch Herman H.  
3   B-11 Borchert Elwin H.  
3   B-11 Blasing Louis Robert  
3   B-11 Brabender Shirley Frederick
3   B-11 Brandt Clarence W.  
3   B-11 Brown Louise B. Himmelman
3   B-11 Bekke Maren  
3   B-11 Brand Vivian E.  
3   B-11 Bangerter (Mrs. Ben)  
3   B-11 Brenner Rosa M.  
3   B-11 Brandt Melvin C.  
3   B-11 Blume Herman A.  
3   B-12 Ballard Paul N.  
3   B-12 Browne Gerald W.  
3   B-12 Bunde Raymond F.  
3   B-12 Boney (Mrs. Robert E.)  
3   B-12 Burns Margaret C.  
3   B-12 Baker Robert J.  
3   B-12 Berens W. Peter  
3   B-12 Buckeye Ralph A.  
3   B-12 Borgwardt Myra F. Laaos
3   B-12 Browning John T.  
3   B-12 Brisbane Marjorie  
3   B-12 Bjornberg Fred A.  
3   B-12 Borneke Albert A.  
3   B-12 Brown Lois E. Kopischke
3   B-13 Bartsch Linda E. Kastner
3   B-13 Baecker Inez Widell
3   B-13 Bulowski Margaret Hogan
3   B-13 Brouse Allan G.  
3   B-13 Bunde Melvin  
3   B-13 Bunde Elsie M.  
3   B-13 Biehn William (Billy)  
3   B-13 Barnick Edward  
3   B-13 Busse Sam E.  
3   B-13 Boehland Irvin  
3   B-13 Butson Ruth M.  
3   B-13 Barnes Jessie E.  
3   B-13 Byro Clara M.  
3   B-13 Bement Lyle C.  
3   B-13 Brand Conrad L.  
3   B-14 Burmeister Ervin  
3   B-14 Barnett Frank E.  
3   B-14 Barke Vera  
3   B-14 Brooks C. Howard  
3   B-14 Buechner Marjorie Tacheny
3   B-14 Barnhill Dorothy Near
3   B-14 Brown Nellie Kaiser
3   B-14 Bersaw Herman M. (Buck)  
3   B-14 Brown Dale O.  
3   B-14 Barden Margaret  
3   B-14 Brugman Judith  
3   B-14 Bate William H.  
3   B-14 Born Emma W. Krueger
3   B-15 Buschow Alfred W.  
3   B-15 Bauer S. I. (Ole)  
3   B-15 Baumer Dorene  
3   B-15 Black Penny Lee (Infant)  
3   B-15 Bluhm Lillie K. Schull
3   B-15 Baecker Inez Widell
3   B-15 Bergman Sig  
3   B-15 Bates Kingston  
3   B-15 Babler Matthew E.  
3   B-15 Blank John P.  
3   B-15 Boehland Irene  
3   B-15 Boese Becky Lynn (Infant)  
3   B-15 Buszin Walter E.  
3   B-15 Bradley (Mrs. Vernard)  
3   B-16 Buskovick Merrie Jane Brooks
3   B-16 Bennett Jessie M. Charlaud
3   B-16 Browning Margaret Berentson
3   B-16 Bjornson Clarence A.  
3   B-16 Bartsch Lydia B.  
3   B-16 Baker Alice P.  
3   B-16 Bias Martha K.  
3   B-16 Beck John  
3   B-16 Baumann Mabel Austerland
3   B-16 Bohnert William  
3   B-16 Burmeister Elmer C.  
3   B-16 Born Arthur G.  
3   B-16 Bartsch Lydia B.  
3   B-16 Biggins Roy P.  
3   B-16 Blackley Hamilton  
3   B-16 Blackley Hamilton  
3   B-17 Ballard Gwen J.  
3   B-17 Bleck Carl A.  
3   B-17 Buss Sandra K.  
3   B-17 Biesterfeld Henry H.  
3   B-17 Boecke Angeline  
3   B-17 Bolus Edward A.  
3   B-17 Browning Nadine Marie  
3   B-17 Barth Louise M.  
3   B-17 Beck Esther M.  
3   B-17 Buendorf George H.  
3   B-18 Bachman William J.  
3   B-18 Braden Ella Pickle
3   B-18 Bothmann Lydia Bentz
3   B-18 Beavens Kenneth A.  
3   B-18 Bonnes Richard W.  
3   B-18 Borgos John K.  
3   B-18 Benzie Gerald  
3   B-18 Bloedel Leona Baumann
3   B-18 Bergstrom Ella M. Lindfeldt
3   B-18 Backer Gerda M.  
3   B-18 Burke Arthur John  
3   B-18 Brunz Erna  
3   B-18 Braam Edward P.  
3   B-18 Bergemann Oscar  
3   B-19 Briar Lloyd E.  
3   B-19 Baumgard Mabel E.  
3   B-19 Bernardi Donna Kurth
3   B-19 Bernardy Donna Kurth
3   B-19 Burt Harold Dallas  
3   B-19 Benefield Evelyn Faye  
3   B-19 Budach Mathilda Schwarz
3   B-19 Butler Paul Durant  
3   B-19 Brune A. F. (Gus)  
3   B-19 Bothke Leona Anna Green
3   B-19 Baynes Ida Guentzel
3   B-19 Butterworth Mary L.  
3   B-20 Brune A. F. (Gus)  
3   B-20 Beebe Albert H. (Bert)  
3   B-20 Baker Keith  
3   B-20 Behnke Herman  
3   B-20 Brothy Arthur R.  
3   B-20 Black Evelyn  
3   B-20 Berg Laura Strum
3   B-20 Bode Emilie Dueball
3   B-20 Bayless J. Leslie  
3   B-20 Block Robert C.  
3   B-20 Berquist Jennie F.  
3   B-20 Bondurant E. Earle  
3   B-21 Benson Esther  
3   B-21 Buckholtz Fred P.  
3   B-21 Bruns Amanda  
3   B-21 Banks Clarence M.  
3   B-21 Besser Lena  
3   B-21 Baker Hugh G.  
3   B-21 Bisch Matt J.  
3   B-21 Butler Lawrence Edmund  
3   B-21 Banks Clarence M.  
3   B-21 Blank William G.  
3   B-21 Buckley (Mrs. Denage)  
3   B-21 Busch Leo J.  
3   B-22 Blomquist Evelyn Ouren
3   B-22 Beske Lydia F. Fischer
3   B-22 Boettcher Anna Marie  
3   B-22 Blasczak Sister M. Rudolphia  
3   B-22 Bell Archie S.  
3   B-22 Baker Ethel Garvin
3   B-22 Beetch Etta R.  
3   B-22 Barley Helen Schwarz
3   B-22 Bigeouett Kathryn Vera  
3   B-22 Bush Charles Edwin  
3   B-22 Bottum Florence Turner
3   B-22 Blumenberg Charles  
3   B-22 Bolvig Lawrence C.  
3   B-22 Beasley Augusta Miller
3   B-22 Barkelm Clara M.  
3   B-23 Brown Henry  
3   B-23 Bailey Stanley J.  
3   B-23 Brokaw George L.  
3   B-23 Bauman Frank (Silas)  
3   B-23 Birr Janet Gordon
3   B-23 Bailey Durwood  
3   B-23 Blumenshein Rollie R.  
3   B-23 Brown (Mrs. James M.)  
3   B-23 Backhus Henry  
3   B-23 Brubaker David A.  
3   B-23 Brewer Cyril C.  
3   B-23 Bertrand Roland J.  
3   B-23 Birr Hulda  
3   B-23 Barnes Verna Meisner
3   B-23 Beadell Edwin C.  
3   B-23 Berndt Otto N.  
3   B-24 Bolton Willis H. (Bill)  
3   B-24 Brockoff Alma H.  
3   B-24 Butson James Thomas  
3   B-24 Bammert William N.  
3   B-24 Borgwardt Henry G.  
3   B-24 Blank Henry  
3   B-24 Banks Mark W.  
3   B-24 Baumberger Fred  
3   B-24 Bielen B. Richard  
3   B-24 Buesing Betty Borchert
3   B-24 Bartsch Mildred A. Jesse
3   B-24 Busby Agnes C.  
3   B-24 Butson James T.  
3   B-25 Backhus Henry J.  
3   B-25 Bertrand Roland J.  
3   B-25 Birr Hulda  
3   B-25 Benson M. Christine Berggreen
3   B-25 Biehn Wayne J.  
3   B-25 Bittner Sister Armella  
3   B-25 Behnke Martha Born
3   B-25 Beadell Robert (Bob)  
3   B-25 Blomgren William R.  
3   B-25 Baack (Mrs. Charles)  
3   B-25 Belgard Anna Petersen
3   B-25 Buschow Donald J.  
3   B-26 Brown James E.  
3   B-26 Borneke Elmer J.  
3   B-26 Barsness Peter J.  
3   B-26 Boettcher Esther E. Heyn
3   B-26 Benson William Sr.  
3   B-26 Bowen Mildred Morehart
3   B-26 Burgess Margaret  
3   B-26 Black Thomas O.  
3   B-26 Bolduan George C.  
3   B-26 Berndt Albert O.  
3   B-26 Bartz Blanch  
3   B-27 Bergemann Minnie  
3   B-27 Brose Barbara Brakke
3   B-27 Bartelt Robert H.  
3   B-27 Backhaus Anna Fahrenkamp
3   B-27 Bibbs Gregory  
3   B-27 Barnes Lewis  
3   B-27 Benda Larry G.  
3   B-27 Bierl Frank C.  
3   B-27 Brouse Jessie  
3   B-28 Blaisdell Kenneth Dwight  
3   B-28 Bradley Harold F.  
3   B-28 Biggins Dolly M. Schultz
3   B-28 Burt Charles E. Sr.  
3   B-28 Boswell Clay Scott  
3   B-28 Brust Rena  
3   B-28 Brust Rena  
3   B-28 Bulow Helma  
3   B-28 Bolinger Myrtle Holt
3   B-28 Bachrach Lillian Vosbeck
3   B-28 Bohrer Helen Ewert
3   B-28 Bowen Mabel  
3   B-29 Brandrup Holley J.  
3   B-29 Blackstad Bernadine  
3   B-29 Born Ida  
3   B-29 Becker John L.  
3   B-29 Bailie Monroe  
3   B-29 Ball Byron D.  
3   B-29 Bond Emily Howard
3   B-29 Bickel Ruth P.  
3   B-29 Berg Norman N.  
3   B-29 Berg Norman N.  
3   B-29 Brandrup Virginia Spangler
3   B-30 Bekke Aron  
3   B-30 Beste Bernard Otto  
3   B-30 Clark Edith M.  
3   B-30 Buendorf Harlen H.  
3   B-30 Bauer Mary L.  
3   B-30 Baumer Ann  
3   B-30 Brunz Clara Rosin
3   B-30 Beise Alma T. Kain
3   B-30 Bowman James  
3   B-30 Bartsch Paul R.  
3   B-30 Borchert Mary McGuiggan
3   B-31 Barton Renee Nokes
3   B-31 Bauman Benjamin H.  
3   B-31 Budde Benjamin F.  
3   B-31 Blake Vernon  
3   B-31 Beschnett Otto  
3   B-31 Buchanan Jessie Thurston
3   B-31 Banks Emma M. Lacher
3   B-31 Beaupre Harold L.  
3   B-31 Braun Frances  
3   B-31 Bindner Ralph  
3   B-31 Burgess Glenn E.  
3   B-32 Bolvig Fern  
3   B-32 Born Albert C.  
3   B-32 Biedscheid Walter C.  
3   B-32 Bienapfl Ervin  
3   B-32 Bogenschutz Carlyle F. (Carl)  
3   B-32 Borchardt Marie  
3   B-32 Borak Mary Posz
3   B-32 Backlund Doris B. Weede
3   B-32 Beach Adelbert  
3   B-32 Bunde Clayton H.  
3   B-32 Briar Ruth Dentinger
3   B-32 Beccue Eda E.  
3   B-33 Bennett Eunice  
3   B-33 Beyer Alfons V  
3   B-33 Barnes LeRoy J.  
3   B-33 Boese Carole Marie (Tib) Thibodeau
3   B-33 Baker Melvin  
3   B-33 Busch Vincent  
3   B-33 Born Arthur  
3   B-33 Bencken Esther Fitzgerald Lortz
3   B-33 Buck Laurie Diane  
3   B-33 Birr Joseph B.  
3   B-33 Blackmer Grace  
3   B-34 Butler (Mrs. Charles R. Sr.) Boyle
3   B-34 Butterworth Charles F.  
3   B-34 Bonnett Dorothy E. Lemkee
3   B-34 Burgess John F.  
3   B-34 Borzych Sister Columba  
3   B-34 Buzick Claude I.  
3   B-34 Buzick Claude I.  
3   B-34 Bjorklund Ethel R. Titus
3   B-34 Blakesley Emma Belland
3   B-35 Brush Harry E.  
3   B-35 Black Doris V. Hanson
3   B-35 Briley Esther Ethel Gerdts
3   B-35 Butzer John A.  
3   B-35 Burrill Robert J.  
3   B-35 Bellig Emil G.  
3   B-35 Brown Elsie Raymo
3   B-35 Beise Ann Julia Schimmele
3   B-35 Billet Linda  
3   B-35 Borchert Max E.  
3   B-36 Beal William C.  
3   B-36 Butler Josephine Frommes
3   B-36 Birr Herman H.  
3   B-36 Bailey Mary B.  
3   B-36 Babcock Betty Seitzer
3   B-36 Biggins Forrest E.  
3   B-36 Bement Alfred Earl  
3   B-36 Bertrand Lillian Brown
3   B-36 Busse Bernita  
3   B-36 Braam John W.  
3   B-36 Bennett Harvey Robert (Bob)  
3   B-37 Bowen Bruce C.  
3   B-37 Beach Barbara M. Hageman
3   B-37 Burnett Harry R.  
3   B-37 Beckman Edna Bruder
3   B-37 Brenner Martha E. Schweim
3   B-37 Buethe Jessie E. Culp
3   B-37 Beetch Julia C.  
3   B-37 Bateman Lulu V.  
3   B-37 Boening Donna Saufferer
3   B-38 Bolger Edward  
3   B-38 Buss Mildred Agnes Mathews
3   B-38 Boeck Mary Clara  
3   B-38 Buckmister Frank N.  
3   B-38 Betchwars Frank J.  
3   B-38 Bohrer Paul  
3   B-38 Bierl Lillian  
3   B-38 Behm Ernest August  
3   B-38 Bissonette Henry N.  
3   B-39 Bartsch Anne B. Sternitzke
3   B-39 Boop Arthur Guy (A. G.)  
3   B-39 Bohlen Theodore J.  
3   B-39 Behrens Alice R. Thompson
3   B-39 Bergemann Paula Jane (Infant)  
3   B-39 Biedscheid Leo  
3   B-39 Braam Anna Marie  
3   B-39 Backlund Leone Marie Hreha
3   B-39 Bennett Elsie A.  
3   B-39 Brosnan Bert H.  
3   B-40 Bushnell Alden Dana  
3   B-40 Biehn Brandee Lynn (Infant)  
3   B-40 Ballard Ray  
3   B-40 Balley Janet Elizabeth Crane
3   B-40 Byrnes Genevieve Breen
3   B-40 Brophy Florence M. Reiter
3   B-40 Brown Elizabeth LaGow Heinzman
3   B-40 Brennan Mary Viola Severns
3   B-41 Benton Vernona Pischner
3   B-41 Beyer Martha Nerner
3   B-41 Berger William A.  
3   B-41 Blackenburg Blankenburg Charles W. (Bun)  
3   B-41 Ball Margaret O'delia Cordian
3   B-41 Blume Walter P.  
3   B-41 Blasing Rosina A.  
3   B-41 Boehland Helen T.  
3   B-41 Bunde Leona D. Lehman
3   B-42 Buckhaus Arthur Emil  
3   B-42 Bolton Abner H.  
3   B-42 Bursaw Percy L.  
3   B-42 Butler Pearl F. Ferguson
3   B-42 Beckwith Elizabeth A.  
3   B-42 Bissonette Jessie Langworthy
3   B-42 Brenner Harold G.  
3   B-42 Biedscheld Charles J.  
3   B-42 Blaisdell Woodrow L.  
3   C-1 Cropper Mary Bess  
3   C-1 Christensen Grace Brazier
3   C-1 Chapman Maidie Way  
3   C-1 Christnagel Anna  
3   C-1 Coyer Orrilla  
3   C-1 Callahan C. Edward  
3   C-1 Cogan John McGowan  
3   C-1 Carlson Effie  
3   C-1 Conner Cora  
3   C-1 Carlson Mabel E. Farm
3   C-1 Cotton Anna Marie Hanse
3   C-1 Chestnut Golda E. Vliet
3   C-1 Christianson Ella R.  
3   C-1 Cornell Celia Secrest
3   C-1 Carey Michael  
3   C-1 Converse (Mrs. L. W.)  
3   C-1 Claridge Paul B.  
3   C-2 Culhane John P.  
3   C-2 Chapman (Mrs. James)  
3   C-2 Chromey Frank M.  
3   C-2 Cole Amanda Gieseke
3   C-2 Cooke Mayme  
3   C-2 Cashman Jessie  
3   C-2 Cuddy Elizabeth Y.  
3   C-2 Cuddy (Mrs. Henry)  
3   C-2 Carlson Mabel E.  
3   C-2 Coughlin Robert M.  
3   C-2 Cords Charles David  
3   C-2 Coughlin Patrick John (Infant)  
3   C-2 Carlson Charles A.  
3   C-3 Carlstrom (Mrs. Sumner) Glenn
3   C-3 Conkling Effie  
3   C-3 Clawson Maxine  
3   C-3 Carey Rita Goettle
3   C-3 Coughlan Edward D. J.  
3   C-3 Caldwell Lloyd Craig  
3   C-3 Cox Ora H.  
3   C-3 Christnagel Elsoi Prange
3   C-3 Carlson Carlyle F. (Carl)  
3   C-3 Cooper Willard M.  
3   C-3 Cannon George  
3   C-3 Connor Leonard J.  
3   C-3 Cornell Emma B. Borchert
3   C-3a Carlstrom Justina  
3   C-3a Comnick William F.  
3   C-3a Ciesinska Sister Ostiana  
3   C-3a Connell Ethel D. Dietz
3   C-3a Chamberlen Elden  
3   C-3a Chandler I. B. (Bar)  
3   C-3a Covey Inez Grace Lamp
3   C-3a Christianson Laurence  
3   C-3a Clausen Eveline  
3   C-3a Carlson Helen  
3   C-4 Clark Thomas A.  
3   C-4 Clark Thomas M.  
3   C-4 Carlson Hattie C. Quick
3   C-4 Carlson Ella R.  
3   C-4 Clark Edith M. Upson
3   C-4 Caven Mary F.  
3   C-4 Carter George T.  
3   C-4 Coy Clifford E.  
3   C-4 Comstock O. H. (Salty)  
3   C-4 Colby Sophia Beck
3   C-4b Cochran Louise M. Graham
3   C-4b Coult Louise M.  
3   C-4b Cain Mary Bienapfl
3   C-4b Cassens Barbara Jean  
3   C-4b Corey John Jerry  
3   C-4b Cassett Maud  
3   C-4b Christeson E. L.  
3   C-4b Cooper Roger Leroy  
3   C-4b Caswell Jack M.  
3   C-4b Cattrysse Emil J.  
3   C-4b Clark Ida Marie  
3   C-4b Carlson Grace  
3   C-4b Coggeshal Bess  
3   C-4b Christnagel Orville A.  
3   C-5 Cole Gordon  
3   C-5 Clawson Vernon M.  
3   C-5 Cline Burr W.  
3   C-5 Carlson Roger P.  
3   C-5 Cain Emma Moethe
3   C-5 Chester C. A.  
3   C-5 Conrad Lula Wilson
3   C-5 Carlson Oscar J.  
3   C-5 Corry Adeline M.  
3   C-5 Carlson Joseph (Bert)  
3   C-5 Cords William L.  
3   C-5 Carson Ethel  
3   C-5 Cookson Lorin A.  
3   C-5 Crandall Floyd M.  
3   C-5 Cooling Amanda  
3   C-6 Chapman Paul V.  
3   C-6 Caven Catherine E.  
3   C-6 Case Franklin H.  
3   C-6 Conrad Emery L.  
3   C-6 Campbell Price  
3   C-6 Christensen Maude  
3   C-6 Cramer Lenore C.  
3   C-6 Clyne Mazie Bell
3   C-6 Carlson Arlene Westpahl
3   C-6 Chesbrough Robert Cowles  
3   C-6 Carlson Harold C.  
3   C-6 Chin (Mrs. Shuw-Shian)  
3   C-6 Cornish Hazel Nobles
3   C-6 Christensen Orle L. Jr.  
3   C-7 Christopherson Elvira A. Spong
3   C-7 Casebere Caroline A. Jahr
3   C-7 Cox Clayton A. (Bill)  
3   C-7 Cummiskey Edward V.  
3   C-7 Connor Josephine Duane
3   C-7 Chatelain Felix J.  
3   C-7 Carlson Caroline (Elizabeth S.) Smith
3   C-7 Cooper Harry B.  
3   C-7 Conkling Bessie N.  
3   C-7 Cole Myrtle  
3   C-7 Clintor Gregory M.  
3   C-8 Carney Harry E. Jr.  
3   C-8 Corbett Delores June Allis
3   C-8 Cummiskey Margaret  
3   C-8 Church Bruce  
3   C-8 Clabaugh Clara  
3   C-8 Call Minnie J.  
3   C-8 Conrad John  
3   C-8 Cline Violet M. Dingler
3   C-8 Cantrell Vicki J. Jameson
3   C-8 Christensen Maybell Norman
3   C-8 Conrad Therese Bergemann
3   C-9 Carey John B.  
3   C-9 Chisholm William E.  
3   C-9 Campbell Joseph F.  
3   C-9 Capron Jennie F. Pierce
3   C-9 Candor Harley D. (Sam)  
3   C-9 Caswell Belle Abbott
3   C-9 Christnagel Edward  
3   C-9 Carter Grace E. Robinson
3   C-9 Culhane Patrick S.  
3   C-9 Cooper Frank  
3   C-9 Cedergren Mark Charles  
3   C-9 Chamberlain Bernice Hollinger
3   C-9 Caswell Cora Wilkinson
3   C-10 Chaffee Alta M. James
3   C-10 Crane Kenneth C. Sr.  
3   C-10 Crane Lucas  
3   C-10 Cuddy Jack Youmans  
3   C-10 Crane Lucas M.  
3   C-10 Crane Lucas M.  
3   C-10 Carleton (Mrs. Hazen) Cairncroww
3   C-10 Case Harold L.  
3   C-10 Coleman Myrtle Caskey
3   C-10 Christof Joseph  
3   C-10 Cooley Irene Jane  
3   C-10 Casper Agnes Boda
3   C-10 Cords Maynard  
3   C-11 Charter Gordon A.  
3   C-11 Cords Maynard  
3   C-11 Cline Earl M.  
3   C-11 Cooper Ida R. Rilling
3   C-11 Coleman Grace  
3   C-11 Cook (Mrs. J. W.)  
3   C-11 Covert Emma L. Dobereiner
3   C-11 Connaughy Emmet  
3   C-11 Chantler Melvin Lloyd  
3   C-11 Corcoran Patricia Ann  
3   C-11 Caven Ray  
3   C-11 Conrad Ella Datwyler
3   C-11 Claeys Edmund  
3   C-12 Cords Frank W. Clarissa Amelia Nelson
3   C-12 Corcoran Louise M. Hamann
3   C-12 Cox Walter Lee  
3   C-12 Conway Frank J.  
3   C-12 Curry Blanche Moses
3   C-12 Champagne Florence Weir
3   C-12 Cope Esther Hersh
3   C-12 Corcoran Patrick (Pat)  
3   C-13 Claus Martin F.  
3   C-13 Cox Walter Lee  
3   C-13 Cornish Samuel Peter  
3   C-13 Cornell Merle F.  
3   C-13 Cain Chales H.  
3   C-13 Conrad Ella Datwyler
3   C-13 Caven Ray  
3   C-13 Chesrown George  
3   C-13 Crulkshank Alma Luecke
3   C-13 Capps Clara Bohks
3   C-13 Cooley Perry  
3   C-13 Caswell Hayse  
3   C-13 Casey Fannie  
3   C-13 Crase Nelson J.  
3   C-14 Carpenter Earl Morris  
3   C-14 Carlson Lois  
3   C-14 Carroll Katherine  
3   C-14 Cook Matie Gillson
3   C-14 Conlin Patrick  
3   C-14 Craig Merle  
3   C-14 Chirpich Joseph C.  
3   C-14 Chafey Fred  
3   C-14 Coughlan Mark J.  
3   C-14 Caret Steven P.  
3   C-14 Cassman Esther Seppmann
3   C-15 Curry Chester  
3   C-15 Chory Henry J.  
3   C-15 Conway Lillian  
3   C-15 Cronen Leslie G.  
3   C-15 Covey Inez  
3   C-15 Covey Inez Grace Lamp
3   C-15 Chevrier Ethel  
3   C-15 Crandell David I.  
3   C-15 Christensen Harry  
3   C-15 Carlson Florence E. Kleir
3   C-15 Cleveland Chauncey Guy  
3   C-16 Cotton Irene Kelly
3   C-16 Crane Hugh W.  
3   C-16 Clow Clarence C.  
3   C-16 Compton Elmer J.  
3   C-16 Carpenter Glenn E.  
3   C-16 Cramer Gertrude Greeley
3   C-16 Conkling Harold  
3   C-16 Coughlan Katherine O'Callaghan
3   C-16 Courts Ann  
3   C-16 Carlson Arvid J.  
3   C-16 Carlson Helen A.  
3   C-17 Courts Ann J.  
3   C-17 Cords Julia S.  
3   C-17 Costley Ella  
3   C-17 Carr Billie H.  
3   C-17 Cooper Donald L.  
3   C-17 Creagen Barbara Lawrence
3   C-17 Claridge Merrill W.  
3   C-17 Chesser Raymond R.  
3   C-17 Clark George  
3   C-18 Claridge Merrill W.  
3   C-18 Cords Clarissa E. Nelson
3   C-18 Crane Lena Offermann
3   C-18 Crawley Grace E.  
3   C-19 Christensen Arlean L. Meyer
3   C-19 Coughlin Katie Courtney (Infant)  
3   C-19 Cummiskey Earl J.  
3   C-19 Cummiskey Earl J.  
3   C-19 Chittenden Rose A. Schueller
3   C-19 Cruse Marie Pestka
3   C-19 Comstock Allen Morrell  
3   C-19 Cooper Hubert D.  
3   C-19 Crowley John T.  
3   C-20 Compton Bernice M. Hasselfeldt
3   C-20 Cruden Virginia Cordell
3   C-20 Crane Marie R. Lindquist
3   C-20 Carlson Evelyn J. Greenwell
3   C-20 Crandall Mabel Harlin
3   C-20 Caswell Earl L.  
3   C-20 Cramer Verna  
3   C-20 Caven Ralph  
3   C-20 Claridge Hazel P.  
3   C-20 Caven Ralph  
3   C-20 Cabellero Juana  
3   C-20 Cane Mary  
3   C-21 Cook Alice R. Kendall
3   C-21 Cords Alma Hansch
3   C-21 Carlstrom Donald O.  
3   C-21 Carlstrom Katherine Exner
3   C-21 Clausen Glenn L.  
3   C-21 Carroll Robert B.  
3   C-21 Connelly Michael L.  
3   C-21 Crosby Michael E.  
3   C-21 Caven Joseph L.  
3   C-21 Connor Raymond  
3   C-22 Cain Dorothy Busse
3   C-22 Cousandler Rose G.  
3   C-22 Champagne Peter A.  
3   D-1 Daniels Homer H.  
3   D-1 Dulas Henry Phillip  
3   D-1 Devens David I.  
3   D-1 Daniels Florence  
3   D-1 Doms Fred W.  
3   D-1 Davis Lauren Edgar  
3   D-1 Diekmann Josephine  
3   D-1 Dentinger Joseph W.  
3   D-1 Doering Minnie L.  
3   D-1 Deuser (Mrs. W. J.)  
3   D-1 Dolorosa Sister Mary (Marcella Oberle)  
3   D-1 Denn Lillian J.  
3   D-1 Diekmann Josephine  
3   D-1 Dietz William  
3   D-1 Deardorff Lelia Neal
3   D-1 Davis Anna  
3   D-1 Diamond Clayton (Dick)  
3   D-1 Dietz Edward A.  
3   D-1 Dietz Edward A.  
3   D-1 DeRemer James C.  
3   D-1 Dylla John  
3   D-2 Dickey Marcella Anne  
3   D-2 Draeger Albert C.  
3   D-2 Dittman Theodore  
3   D-2 Denn Henry  
3   D-2 Detamore W. H.  
3   D-2 Detgen (Infant girl)  
3   D-2 Dimmel Walter G.  
3   D-2 Dutler (Mrs. William C.) Smith
3   D-2 Deuvell Gerald  
3   D-2 Duffy (Mrs. Pat)  
3   D-2 Danberry Glen  
3   D-2 Devens David Lee  
3   D-2 Dietz Clifford H.  
3   D-2 Dubke William C.  
3   D-2 Duval (Mrs. Herbert) Hiemen
3   D-2 Dalton James L.  
3   D-3 DeVlaeminck Mary  
3   D-3 Deschene Paul  
3   D-3 Dobson Agnes  
3   D-3 Dodge Walter A.  
3   D-3 Dunn Ed  
3   D-3 Devlin (Mrs. James)  
3   D-3 Denn Leone I. Wingen
3   D-3 Dorn Ruth  
3   D-3 Daniels Esther  
3   D-3 Duffey Minnie  
3   D-3 Dalton Richard C.  
3   D-3 Daly Kenneth C. Sr.  
3   D-3 Dickhoff Jennie  
3   D-3 Day Walter  
3   D-4 Dhoore Paul  
3   D-4 Day Roy  
3   D-4 Diesch (Mrs. Earl)  
3   D-4 Davis Winnie  
3   D-4 Davey Roy E.  
3   D-4 Dumke Mabel C. Hartsell
3   D-4 DeRemer Gary  
3   D-4 Detjen Oscar W.  
3   D-4 Davis Clara S.  
3   D-4 DeRemer Gary L.  
3   D-4 Denn Leo J.  
3   D-4 Duncan Wesley H.  
3   D-4 Dittberner Reinhart R.  
3   D-4 Dempsey Johanna  
3   D-5 Dempsey Johanna  
3   D-5 Drummer Martha Wenner
3   D-5 Dietl Henry A.  
3   D-5 Danzer Michael  
3   D-5 Dauphinais Franklin A.  
3   D-5 Detjen Bertha  
3   D-5 Drager Anna  
3   D-5 Doran Arthur R.  
3   D-5 Dornberg Leon E.  
3   D-5 Damm Frieda A.  
3   D-5 Duffield L. J.  
3   D-5 Danhoff Gus  
3   D-5 Doering Hugo J.  
3   D-5 Day Bernice Peters
3   D-6 Dugan David Ray  
3   D-6 Dolan Edith  
3   D-6 Dick Erma Jenkins
3   D-6 Davis Jasper Nuton  
3   D-6 Depuydt Cecelia  
3   D-6 Dittberner Louis  
3   D-6 Demaray Sedate  
3   D-6 Dawley Leonard Paul  
3   D-6 Dickmeyer Harold A.  
3   D-6 Davis Rosamond (Mary) Swan
3   D-6 Dietl Frank A.  
3   D-6 Dankert Cecelia  
3   D-6 Deuser Robert  
3   D-7 Dezotell Doris  
3   D-7 Doedding Lydia L. Doering
3   D-7 Devine Thomas F.  
3   D-7 Didra Jennie E.  
3   D-7 Danberry Alfred  
3   D-7 Depuydt Allison J. (Infant)  
3   D-7 DeRosia (Mrs. Floyd)  
3   D-7 Drews May Johnson
3   D-7 Davis Arthur A.  
3   D-7 Darge Roland A.  
3   D-7 Dunning Virgil E.  
3   D-7 Drexler Emily M.  
3   D-7 Dickey Arthur C.  
3   D-7 Dauner (Mrs. Henry) Reinerison
3   D-8 Dittman (Mrs. Arthur) Kreck
3   D-8 Disney John C.  
3   D-8 Dickhoff Mavis Lindsay
3   D-8 Donaldson Margaret L. Lloyd
3   D-8 Dalluge John C.  
3   D-8 Detjen Freda Gustafson
3   D-8 DeRosia William Floyd  
3   D-8 Dauffenbach Rudolph J.  
3   D-8 Dooley Gertrude Walser
3   D-8 Dick Dwight K.  
3   D-8 Denzel Mathilda M.  
3   D-8 Dorweiler Sylvia  
3   D-8 Date Keith L.  
3   D-8 Doyle Marie Kipp
3   D-9 Drager Carl Robert  
3   D-9 Davidson Minnie  
3   D-9 Davis John H.  
3   D-9 Dangers Fred H. Jr.  
3   D-9 Dethloff Catherine Pushies
3   D-9 Dittburner Rufus  
3   D-9 Dulas Mary  
3   D-9 Davis (Mrs. Floyd) Henry
3   D-9 Darling Harry W.  
3   D-10 Day Ida Woolson
3   D-10 Davidson Dale C.  
3   D-10 Danberry Lillian  
3   D-10 Doss Christian William Henry  
3   D-10 Dezotell Floyd M.  
3   D-10 Denoff Gilbert  
3   D-10 Davis Margaret  
3   D-10 Diehl Wilhelm (Bill) Sr.  
3   D-10 Day Alvah  
3   D-10 Dienst Lawrence H.  
3   D-10 Druckenbrod Leroy W.  
3   D-10 Dobbs Willis C. (Bill)  
3   D-10 DeRemer Johanna S.  
3   D-10 Drake Grace Door
3   D-11 Day Frieda Schwarz
3   D-11 Dorn Robert E.  
3   D-11 Davis Estella  
3   D-11 Dumke Alvera J. Berneking
3   D-11 Dodge Hester Johnson
3   D-11 DeVos C. J.  
3   D-11 Duenes Joseph  
3   D-11 Davis Lee D.  
3   D-11 Davey Mary P. Niersche
3   D-11 Downing Lula Lloyd
3   D-11 Dingfelder Harold G.  
3   D-11 DuBeau Margaret O'Toole
3   D-11 Doran James  
3   D-12 Dethloff Emma Schedler
3   D-12 Door Lucile P. Pfarrer
3   D-12 Dueball Rosella (Bessie) Burrill
3   D-12 Dueball Rosella (Bessie)  
3   D-12 Denton Patricia N. Leske
3   D-12 Dittert Vearl Cummings
3   D-12 Darge Paul A.  
3   D-12 Daffer Esther Levik
3   D-12 Dugan Joseph C.  
3   D-12 Drey John R.  
3   D-12 Dorsey Dennis J.  
3   D-13 Daly Guy W.  
3   D-13 DeVlaeminck Peter W.  
3   D-13 Dentinger Louis G.  
3   D-13 Dittburner Herman W.  
3   D-13 Degner Elmer M.  
3   D-13 Davis Mabel M. Nichols
3   D-13 Duffy Wilhelmina (Minnie)  
3   D-13 Doolittle Raymond E.  
3   D-13 DuBois Ethel A. Walrath
3   D-13 Davis Lester L.  
3   D-13 Daehn Albert Otto  
3   D-14 Doyle J. Mart  
3   D-14 Dahler Myrtle M.  
3   D-14 Donnay Matilda  
3   D-14 Dubois Gene L.  
3   D-14 Drum Edward  
3   D-14 Dagestad Ida  
3   D-14 Dittman Myrna  
3   D-14 Dunkelbeck Ida Boehland
3   D-14 Detien Frederick J.  
3   D-14 Demaray George P. Elizabeth (Betty) Rohwedder
3   D-14 Door Katherine Sanger
3   D-14 Dauffenbach Frank  
3   D-14 Dentinger Mary K.  
3   D-15 Dahn Gary J.  
3   D-15 Dorland Ada L.  
3   D-15 Dauk Rose  
3   D-15 Doerr Ervin C.  
3   D-15 Draeger Lillian S. McMicken
3   D-15 Dukerschein Edwin  
3   D-15 Deike (Mrs. August)  
3   D-15 Dawe William  
3   D-15 Delano Ethel  
3   D-15 Dunker Christopher David (Infant)  
3   D-15 Danielson G. Donald  
3   D-15 Dethloff Carl W.  
3   D-15 DuMont Una M. Adams
3   D-15 Dunn Sara  
3   D-15 Dauk John  
3   D-16 Dumbeck Elizabeth  
3   D-16 Dyrendahl Rethal  
3   D-16 Dyrendahl Rethal Smith
3   D-16 Dray Frank  
3   D-16 Denn Jacob  
3   D-16 DeVinny Robert M.  
3   D-16 Dreyer Melvin E.  
3   D-16 Dauk Edmund J.  
3   D-16 Dehn Richard J.  
3   D-16 Downie Samuel  
3   D-16 Dietz Vida Nickey
3   D-17 Daschner Edward  
3   D-17 Daby Dorothy M. Rohloff
3   D-17 Dornfeld Louise Cooper
3   D-17 Dehring Roland O. (Rollie)  
3   D-17 Dackins Jane  
3   D-17 Dallmann Martin F.  
3   D-17 Drescher Margaret  
3   D-17 Dillion Harold F.  
3   D-18 Draper Mathilda R. (Molly) Hjermstad
3   D-18 Danjels Lorenzo J.  
3   D-18 Dahl Robert M.  
3   D-18 Davidson L. Douglas  
3   D-18 Dewitz Matilda M. Urban
3   D-18 Denn Steven P.  
3   D-18 Denzel Stanley A.  
3   D-18 Day Earl E.  
3   D-18 Delzer Edward B.  
3   D-19 Daugherty Donald L.  
3   D-19 Davis Edgar T.  
3   D-19 Duff Harold  
3   D-19 DeVlaeminck Allie  
3   D-19 Davis Anna Lucille  
3   D-19 Dalluge William M.  
3   D-19 Dodge Adrian A.  
3   D-19 Dodge Adrian A.  
3   D-19 Daveau Ruth O. Ekle
3   D-20 Doering Martin H. (Mike)  
3   D-20 Davis Myrna H.  
3   D-20 Duffy Pearl  
3   D-20 Davis Virgil V.  
3   D-20 Denman Alma  
3   D-20 Deglman Anna  
3   D-20 Dittberner Clara A. Seppmann
3   D-20 Dotson Gerald A. (Jerry)  
3   D-20 Davis Emrys O.  
3   D-21 Daby Walter E.  
3   D-21 Dietemann Anna  
3   D-21 Dutler William C.  
3   D-21 Davey Mary Schaub
3   D-21 Day Denise  
3   D-21 Dreyer Fern Parsons
3   D-21 Doering Dorothy H. Missling
3   D-21 Daby Alice  
3   D-21 Daby Marvel M.  
3   D-22 Day Clifford  
3   D-22 Drummer Joseph J.  
3   D-22 Day Clifford E.  
3   D-22 Doran Alice  
3   D-22 Dittrich Kimberly K.  
3   D-22 Drysdale Marvin B.  
3   D-23 Delesha James R.  
3   D-23 DeVlaeminck Henry Joseph Sr.  
3   D-23 Devine John A.  
3   D-23 Denn Shirley Radloff
3   D-23 Davis Alvin (Red)  
3   D-23 Daufenbach John L.  
3   D-23 DeWitz Sharilyn  
3   D-23 Dewitz Sharilyn Runge
3   D-23 Derby Ida Crane
3   D-23 Doran Alice  
3   D-24 Dunham Rose Friedrichs
3   D-24 Doege Bruno Waldemar  
3   E-1 Etherington Wilma  
3   E-1 Ebert Otto E.  
3   E-1 Ewald Mary Catherine Udelhofen
3   E-1 Evenson Robert  
3   E-1 Evenson Ellen Jobe
3   E-1 Beebe Effie  
3   E-1 Eastvold Anna W.  
3   E-1 Evans David E.  
3   E-1 Eggersdorfer Hazel Hoagenson
3   E-1 Else Clara  
3   E-1 Eberlein Henry F.  
3   E-2 Eustice Bertha Sill
3   E-2 Engelen Albert  
3   E-2 Evenson Lonnie  
3   E-2 Edwards Thomas C. Sr.  
3   E-2 Evenson Verne  
3   E-2 Eidem Agnes Mary  
3   E-2 Ellingsberg Mary  
3   E-2 Erdman Lorene Baker
3   E-2 Erdahl Pauline  
3   E-2 Edwards Elizabeth  
3   E-2 Everson Lena K.  
3   E-2 Elfert Matilda Wenner
3   E-2 Erickson Delbert E.  
3   E-2 Ellis Elna E.  
3   E-2 Erickson (Mrs. Sam W.)  
3   E-2 Engel Hugo O.  
3   E-3 Erlansen Erling (Earl)  
3   E-3 Enstad Ida  
3   E-3 Ellis John (Jack)  
3   E-3 Ewalt Calvin R.  
3   E-3 Eastman Emma  
3   E-3 Eckstein Joe  
3   E-3 Eurban Lillie A.  
3   E-3 Eccles John S.  
3   E-3 Essman Steven (Infant)  
3   E-3 Enter Rickey G.  
3   E-3 Evans Orland  
3   E-3 Erdahl C. C.  
3   E-3 Elmland Milton  
3   E-4 Erdman Fred A.  
3   E-4 Ebert Jennie E.  
3   E-4 Engles Dayton E.  
3   E-4 Eklo Berth J.  
3   E-4 Eichers Henry  
3   E-4 Erlandson Alfred  
3   E-4 Engwalson James P.  
3   E-4 Engwalson June L. Barker
3   E-4 Eikum Christine  
3   E-4 Enge (Mrs. E. H.)  
3   E-4 Endres Sister Magdalen  
3   E-4 Elta (Mrs. Mark)  
3   E-4 Eryczek (Bryczek) Lydia  
3   E-4 Bryczek (Eryczek) Lydia  
3   E-4 Evjen Hakon O.  
3   E-4 Ernst John A.  
3   E-4 Eisel Thomas  
3   E-5 Effertz George P.  
3   E-5 Evans Griffith J.  
3   E-5 Evenson Eleanora Srock
3   E-5 Ertman Leonard A.  
3   E-5 Engelby Embert  
3   E-5 Edwards Clara Gerlich
3   E-5 Eckman Adelyn Liesch
3   E-5 Eickholt Violet Bolvig
3   E-5 Ellefson Maysel Nienow
3   E-5 Eide Lula Beckjordan
3   E-5 Engelen John B.  
3   E-5 Edwards Randy D.  
3   E-6 Eklo Malene Anderson
3   E-6 Eggerdorfer John  
3   E-6 Eaton Clara L. Troska
3   E-6 Elford Herman B.  
3   E-6 Eklund Augusta S. Bloomquist
3   E-6 Egdorf Harry W.  
3   E-6 Erkel Agnes M.  
3   E-6 Edwards Maude  
3   E-6 Ewert Peter J.  
3   E-6 Estell Fred  
3   E-6 Edwards Harvey Sr.  
3   E-6 Evert Edward W.  
3   E-6 Ehlbeck Henrietta  
3   E-6 Ewen Gretje  
3   E-7 Evans A. W. (Lonnie)  
3   E-7 Elmgren Wilhelmina Dorothy (Minnie)  
3   E-7 Erickson Minnie T. Erlandson
3   E-7 Emme Duane A.  
3   E-7 Erickson Albert E.  
3   E-7 Emmel Heather Suzanne (Infant)  
3   E-7 Emmerick Albert A.  
3   E-7 Eaton Lucy E.  
3   E-7 Evans David  
3   E-8 Eral Florence W. Willson
3   E-8 Eggert Ben G.  
3   E-8 Erickson Florence  
3   E-8 Evans Gena S. Torgerson
3   E-8 Eineke Wilbert  
3   E-8 Ewert Bertha  
3   E-8 Enns Peter C.  
3   E-8 Ewert Bertha Eitzen
3   E-8 Engles Louis C.  
3   E-8 Edwards Thomas C.  
3   E-8 Evans Ethel  
3   E-9 Evans Ethel Nourie
3   E-9 Ertl Clara George
3   E-9 Erdahl Lowell  
3   E-9 Erickson Ida  
3   E-9 Engesser Robert M.  
3   E-9 Etherington Wilma Ines  
3   E-9 Ewert Erwin William  
3   E-9 Eggersdorfer Anna Vogel
3   E-10 Eustice Eva Marjorie Wallace
3   E-10 Emmier Otto F.  
3   E-10 Eby Blanche  
3   E-10 Eick Ronald Edward  
3   E-10 Ertl Rosella (Sally) W. Drager
3   E-10 Ericksen Selma Nelson
3   E-10 Erickson Kindahl  
3   E-10 Erickson Herman E.  
3   E-10 Everett Marion Willard
3   E-10 Ellis Carlisle  
3   E-11 Edwards Douglas  
3   E-11 Endres Bert J.  
3   E-11 Ewald Leona Fischer
3   E-11 Edmondson Julia G. Wagner
3   E-11 Eberhart Clara Malzahn
3   E-11 Ewert Lanny L.  
3   E-11 Edquist Arthur R.  
3   E-12 Evans J. Ruth  
3   F-1 Forde Walter C.  
3   F-1 Farl Mary McPhee
3   F-1 Fasnacht Francis  
3   F-1 Fischer Joseph Henry  
3   F-1 Fellows Arnold Lyle  
3   F-1 Flinn Charles A.  
3   F-1 Fasnacht Clem  
3   F-1 Fitcher Jack  
3   F-1 Flindt Monica Berger
3   F-1 Frandle Arnold A.  
3   F-2 Friedrich Margaret Walport
3   F-2 Flo Harold  
3   F-2 Farho Josephine  
3   F-2 Franz Herman P.  
3   F-2 Fitcher George C.  
3   F-2 Fitch Anne Lloyd
3   F-2 Finnegan Peter W.  
3   F-2 Fulton Ray M.  
3   F-2 Filan Mary Anne  
3   F-2 Fisher Herbert J.  
3   F-2 Frederick Frank  
3   F-2 French (Mrs. H. B.) Olson
3   F-2 Fenske Selma  
3   F-3 Fradenburgh David Raymond  
3   F-3 Freeman Helen Lorene  
3   F-3 Francisco Elsie Matson
3   F-3 Farho Sarah Elias
3   F-3 Friswold Rhoda L. Skobba
3   F-3 Fletcher Clarence E.  
3   F-3 Fitterer Leo J.  
3   F-3 Franklin Albert L.  
3   F-3 Franske Otto  
3   F-3 Forrey Hollie Phelps
3   F-3 Ferguson Mildred Coughlan
3   F-3 Flitter Martin W.  
3   F-3 Franklin Lena M.  
3   F-3 Flachsenhar (Mrs. J. J.) Scherer
3   F-3 Freyberg Hilda H. Fedje
3   F-4 Fischer Walter B.  
3   F-4 Fuller Anna  
3   F-4 Farm Mary  
3   F-4 Fordham Gar  
3   F-4 Fellows Charlotte M. Arnoldt
3   F-4 Fox Ella  
3   F-4 Fredericksen Tara Beth (Infant)  
3   F-4 Fox Elizabeth  
3   F-4 Fowler Clare V.  
3   F-4 Fischer (Mrs. G. W.) Schmeling
3   F-4 Froehlich Raymond E.  
3   F-4 Fitzloff (Mrs. Raymond)  
3   F-4 Ferguson (Mrs. Duncan)  
3   F-5 Furan Neil William  
3   F-6 Faust Otto F.  
3   F-6 Fry Madeline R.  
3   F-6 Fisher Clifford C.  
3   F-6 Fitcher Helen  
3   F-6 Fields Russell L.  
3   F-6 Fischer John B.  
3   F-6 Freiheit Fern Billings
3   F-6 Friedrichs Everett D.  
3   F-6 Frank Martha A.  
3   F-6 Frye Frank L.  
3   F-6 Friesen John J.  
3   F-6 Farm Andrew A.  
3   F-6 Farmer Tom  
3   F-7 Forster Anton  
3   F-7 Fowler Bertha  
3   F-7 Falkner Beulah  
3   F-7 Frommes Mary L.  
3   F-7 Foley John  
3   F-7 Franz Theodore  
3   F-7 Freischel Robert J.  
3   F-7 Fleming Mary E.  
3   F-7 Flynn (Mrs. Richard L.)  
3   F-7 Fitzgerald Ernest H.  
3   F-7 Ferguson Mary C.  
3   F-7 Fitzpatrick James P.  
3   F-7 Feld Clara  
3   F-8 Friend May E.  
3   F-8 Foster (Mrs. Lloyd) Arnt
3   F-8 Fetherhuff Hazel A.  
3   F-8 Foley Alice  
3   F-8 Fortney Ellen White
3   F-8 Foley Daniel  
3   F-8 Flasch Edward  
3   F-8 Fleming Douglas R. Sr,  
3   F-8 Furan Neil William  
3   F-8 Fischer Emma M. Berg
3   F-8 Fallenstein Gertrude  
3   F-8 Fifield B. G.  
3   F-8 Forseth Engvold M.  
3   F-8 Fitzloff Lilly E. Prange
3   F-8 Fischer M. W. (Wyman)  
3   F-9 Friesen Robert G.  
3   F-9 Franklin Glenn W.  
3   F-9 Funfsinn Rosa  
3   F-9 Foshee Maude  
3   F-9 Frost Charles F. (Jack)  
3   F-9 Fowler (Mrs. Arthur) Morris
3   F-9 Friend Lisa Ann  
3   F-9 Footh Johanna A.  
3   F-9 Froehlich Lorenz W.  
3   F-9 Fuller Fred G.  
3   F-9 Fornwald Hattie Schumacher
3   F-9 Felton Alila S.  
3   F-9 Footh Carl J.  
3   F-9 Foster Olive V.  
3   F-10 Fowler Arthur  
3   F-10 Frank Eileen L. Donahue
3   F-10 Findley Joseph D.  
3   F-10 Fraser Joan Ione Hoberg
3   F-10 Fuller Clarence E.  
3   F-10 Frescholtz Carl W.  
3   F-10 Frederick Orlyn Charles  
3   F-10 Fredrickson Martha E. Johnson
3   F-10 Fowler Irene  
3   F-10 Fisk Luella C. Anderson
3   F-10 Fredrickson William J.  
3   F-10 Fraser Marion L. Kringle
3   F-10 Fuller Anna K.  
3   F-10 Fuller Oscar C.  
3   F-11 Fawcett Chester  
3   F-11 Fredericksen David B.  
3   F-11 Freed Joseph L.  
3   F-11 Fling Gladys  
3   F-11 Foster James Loren (Infant)  
3   F-11 Fraze Mervin H.  
3   F-11 Foley James R.  
3   F-11 Frederickson Roger  
3   F-11 Flaig Inga A.  
3   F-11 Franz Mary Linscheid
3   F-11 Franz Peter P.  
3   F-11 Froehlich Gertie A.  
3   F-12 Flitter Ewald Henry  
3   F-12 Fox Charlotte (Lottie) Randall
3   F-12 Fricke Henry C.  
3   F-12 Foels Alpha Roesler
3   F-12 Farm Rosella  
3   F-12 Friesen John R.  
3   F-12 Foudray Ralph  
3   F-12 Flynn John C.  
3   F-12 Froehlich Donald Albert  
3   F-12 Fowler Edwin L.  
3   F-12 Fenske Alma  
3   F-12 Fiedler Elsie Lindblom
3   F-13 Frazler M. H. (Ted)  
3   F-13 Flyol Paul  
3   F-13 Fredericksen Nina Addleman
3   F-13 Finnegan Robert F.  
3   F-13 Filan Willard J.  
3   F-13 Fell Ray  
3   F-13 Fratzke Martha Heitner
3   F-13 Forrey Roy W.  
3   F-13 Fuller Irwin C. (Irv)  
3   F-13 Fermenich Clarence  
3   F-14 Fuller Kenneth  
3   F-14 Fricke Theresa  
3   F-14 Friedrichs Ruby A. Amundson
3   F-14 Friedrichs Fritz J.  
3   F-14 Flatau John Andrew  
3   F-14 Freundl Nina Laura  
3   F-14 Fredrickson Johanna C.  
3   F-14 Fleming J. Lee  
3   F-14 Forrey Lello Childs
3   F-15 Foster Carrie  
3   F-15 Ford Reuben H.  
3   F-15 Fuller Arthur  
3   F-15 Foster Beatrice  
3   F-15 Fitch Rodge O.  
3   F-15 Fellbaum Dennis H.  
3   F-15 Frennesen Julia  
3   F-15 Frances Clara Hoverson
3   F-15 Fuller Ivan W.  
3   F-15 Fritz Delores Flink
3   F-16 Fowler Dorothy  
3   F-16 Francis Michael S.  
3   F-16 Frederick Ben  
3   F-16 Friedrichs Paul A.  
3   F-16 Frank Ambrose  
3   F-16 Fasnacht Francis  
3   F-16 Fox Clara  
3   F-16 Farrell Helen  
3   F-16 Fischer Carl W. Sr.  
3   F-16 Fink Ray P.  
3   F-17 Fasnacht Anthony (Tony)  
3   F-17 Freeberg Edna C. Carlson
3   F-17 Flaig Kathryn M. Veigel
3   F-17 Fuller Lewis W.  
3   F-17 Farrell Patrick J.  
3   F-17 Fiyol Frank  
3   F-17 Foss Eldon  
3   F-18 Fitterer Harry J.  
3   F-18 Friedrichs Otto F.  
3   F-19 Fandre Anne Schreiner
3   F-19 Franske George A.  
3   F-19 Ferguson Mary  
3   F-19 Felber Elizabeth S.  
3   F-19 Forster Caroline  
3   F-19 Flindt Bert B.  
3   F-19 Foley Joan  
3   F-19 FitzSimons Jennie Cooper
3   F-19 Foelster Ben H.  
3   F-19 Fuller Margaret Jane Tanley
3   F-20 Friedrichs William L. (Bill)  
3   F-20 Fowler John H.  
3   F-20 Finlay Ethel  
3   F-20 Fritz George P.  
3   F-20 Fitzloff Carl W.  
3   F-20 Fisher Ida R. Manderfeld  
3   F-20 Finney Theodore M.  
3   F-20 Fitzloff Carl W.  
3   F-20 Forseth Jacob  
3   F-20 Fayn Walter H.  
3   F-21 Froehlich Edna Bollman
3   F-21 Fay Cecilia  
3   F-21 Franchere Frederick  
3   F-21 Gillmore Edward N.  
3   F-21 Gunstrom Johanna Lien
3   F-21 Gaul Clarence J.