Obituary Books

For the past 25 years, volunteers have been clipping newspapers from the past 130+ years for obituaries and pasting them into binders. These binders are known as our Obituary Books and date back to the 1880s for obituaries. These books are not in chronological order, but are separated by last names. If you find someone in one of the books that you would like to see the obituary for, please contact the Research Center.

Please note: We often have more information about an individual than just the obituary. Please also inquire about wills, cemetery information and other information the we have related to your family.

Also note: Obituaries are of Blue Earth County residence only. If the person did not die in Blue Earth County and there was no run in a Blue Earth County paper, we do not have the obituaries for those people.

Obituary Book 1 Part 1

Obituary Book 1 Part 2

Obituary Book 2 Part 1

Obituary Book 2 Part 2

Obituary Book 2 Part 3