Surname Clipping File Index

The Historical Society has files of newspaper clippings and other information for the following individuals and families. Be aware, however, that simply because a name is not listed does not mean we do not have information on that person or family. For more information, contact the Research Center.

Allyn Family (Madison Lake)
Amlie, Patricia (Barnard)
Andersen, Harvey L. (Canoeist)
Anderson, A. A.
Anderson, Harvey (Eagle Lake)
Anderson, Lester & Shirley
Anderson, Marian
Andreas Family
Andrews Family
Arvidson, Wayne (aka Damron, Michael)
Atcherson, Walter J.

Baker - General Items
Baker, J. H.
Ballard Family
Barney, Frank D. & Sheldon F.
Barr, John
Bartsch Family
Bassett, William
Beal, James & Family
Beatty Family
Beise Family
Biebl Family (& Epple Family)
Bienapfl Family
Bierbauer Family
Boegen Family
Boehland Family
Bowen Family
Braam Family
Brandrup Family
Brett, Geo. E. Family (Taylor Family)
Brewster Family
Brooks Family
Brown Family
Burgess Family (Burgess, Joachim)
Burt, Cramer
Burton, Drs. Daniel & Verona
Busch Family

Carlson Family
Carlstrom Family
Carney Family
Chapman Family
Chesley Family
Christ Family
Christensen/Christenson/Christiansen & son
Christenson, John and Ann
Clapp Family
Claridge Family
Clark & Clarke Family
Clements Family
Colfax, Schuyler
Confer Family
Cooper Family
Copp, Julius
Cords Family
Cornish Family
Coughlan Family
Coy Family
Crane Family
Cray, Judge Lorin

Dahl, Dr. G. A.
Daniels Family
Darr, Gardner
Davey Family
Davis & Davies Families
Day Family
DeCoster, Dr. N.
DeGezelle, Bob & Terri
Dethloff Family
Diamond Family
Dorn Family
Dornberg Family
Dotson Family

Eastlick Family
Eberhart Family
Eckhardt Family
Eckman Family
Edwards, Clara (nee Gerlich)
Eldred Family
Emmel Family
Enfield/Eich Family
Evans Family

Fallenstein Family
Faley Family
Farrish, Charlotte
Fasnacht Family
Fenske, Selma/Emil
Ferguson Family
Fiegen, Jacob Family
Fitzsimmons Family
Flachsenhar Family
Fletcher Family
Flittie, Jean A.
Folsom Family
Foster Family
Franchere, Dr. F.
Frank, Donna (Oney, Dawn)
Frederick Family
Friend Family
Fritz Family
Fuller Family

Gage Family
Gerlach/Gerlich Family
Gerry Family
Gerth Family
Goettl Family
Goodrich Family
Griffiths Family

Haefner Family
Hage Family
Hagen Family
Hager Family
Hanel Family
Harrington, Dr. Z. G.
Harris Family
Hawley Family
Heiser, Sally
Henry Family
Hielscher, Dr. Helen
Hill Family
Hiller Family
Himmelman Family
Hinckley, John
Hiniker Family
Hodapp Family
Hoehn Family
Hoerr Family
Hoffman Families
Hohenstein Family
Hubbard Family
Hubbard, Esther Richter
Hubbard Genealogy
Hubbard, Katherine Ervin
Hubbard, Minnie Schoyen (Mrs. Jay)
Hubbell, J. B.
Huettl Family
Hughes Family - General
Hughes, Evan (Judge & Amy)
Hughes, E. Raymond
Hughes, Thomas, Attorney/Historian
Hughes, Thos. L. "Tam"
Hunt, Lewis & Fran Family
Hyde, Gordon P.

Imm, Val, Senator
Irvine Family
Irving Family

Jackson, Henry
Jaegar Family
James Family
Jefferson Family/House
Jenkins Family
Jensen Family
Jewett Family
Johnson Family (general)
Johnson, C. A. (Gus) Sr. & Jr.
Johnson, Parsons King
Jones Family (General)
Jones, Rich, Ben & Leslie Families
Jones/Wigley Family
Juliar Family
Just Family

Keenan Family
Keene Family
Kelley Family
Kelly Family
Knewtson Family
Knutsons Family
Kopischke Family
Kopke Family
Kopp Family
Koppen Family
Korth Family
Kortuem Family
Kron Family
Krost Family

Lamm Family
Landkamer Family
Lang Family
Larsen/Larson Families
Laurisch Family
Laven Family
Ledbetter, Holly
Lee Family
Lewis Family
Liedloff, Dr. A. G.
Lilie, Adolph
Lincoln, Abraham
Lindblom Family
Lloyd Family
Lovelace, Maud H.
Lovelace, Maud Hart (Author)
Lovelace, Maud H. 1970-1989
Lovelace, Maud Hart 1929-1969/1970s-1980s
Lovelace, Maud H. Scrapbook
Lovelace, T.W.Hart Family (Austin)
Lovelace, Maud Hart & Betsy-Tacy Society
Lulsdorff, Jane Mills
Lundin Family
Lutz Family

McCleary, Hon. James
McConnell, James Moore
McGowan Family
McGregor, Benjamin F
McMahen, Dr. W. R.
Macbeth, Florence

Madsen, Earl
Maher, Barb and Bill
Mahowald Family
Manderfeld, Joseph
Marks, Isaac
Marsh, John O. A. & George
Martyr, J. R. Family
Mason Family
Maxfield Family
Mayer Family
Meade, George W. (Colonel)
Meyer Family

Mickelson Family
Miller Families
Mills Family
Mocol Family
Moore, Roy B.
Morris Family
Morse Family
Movius, J. H.

Nelsen/Nelson Families
Nicollet, Joseph N.
Norman Family

Oachs Family
Olsen/Olson Families
Osborn, Louis Family
Otto Family
Owens Family

Paddock, William & Zachariah
Pahl Families
Palmby Family
Palmer, George
Parks, John
Parry Collection
Pass Family
Pasteuca Family
Paul Families
Pay Family
Pearson Family
Pederson Families
Pfau Family
Piepho Family
Piper Family
Pluto Family
Plymat Family
Poliquin Family
Powers Family
Preska, Margaret
Preuss Family
Price Families
Putrah Family
Pyrtle Family

Quane, John D.

Radichel Family
Rasmussen Family
Rathbun, Hoxie
Rausch Family
Reed Family
Reedfield, Nora
Reedstrom Family
Regan Family
Reichel Family
Reynolds Family
Richardson Family
Rinehart Family
Ringheim Family
Roberts Family
Robinson Family
Rogers Family
Rollings Family
Rose Family
Ross Family
Rounsavell, Richard
Rue Family
Ruthenbeck Family
Rutjes Family

Salet Family
Salfer Family
Sandeen Family
Sandon Family
Sandstrom Family
Sanger Family
Schaub Family
Scheid Family
Scheidel Family
Schellberg Family
Scherer, George W.
Scheurer Family
Schimek Family
Schloeman Family
Schmidt Family
Schmitt Family
Schneider Family
Schramski Family
Schreyer Family
Schroeder Family
Schubbe Family
Schueneman Family
Schull Family
Schultz/Schulz Families
Schultz, William
Schumacher Families
Schuster, Marcia T.
Schutte Family
Schwan, Leroy
Schwarz Family
Schweim Family
Schweitzer Family
Schwickert Family
Scott Family
Seppman Family
Severson Family
Seys Family
Sharp Family
Shaubut Family
Shaw Family
Sheran, Robert J.
Shoemaker Family
Shouts Family
Sibley, Billings & Family
Sibler Family
Sibley, Henry
Silkey, Fred
Simmonds Family
Smith Families
Smothers Family
Snow, John & Family
Snyder Family
Sohre Family
Sonnabend Family
Sontag Family
Sorensen Family
Soule, Mary Van Brunt
Spencer Family
Sponberg Family
Sprague Family
Stahl Family
Stangland Family
Stark Family
Steel Family
Steiner Family
Stenzel Family
Stevens Family
Stock, Louis & Family
Stokesbarys Family
Stolt Family
Strand Family
Stroebel Family
Sugden, George
Sullivan Family
Sunderman, Lucille
Swain, Frank

Tacheny Family
Taylor, Glenn & Family
Taylor Family (general)
Thomas, John
Thomas Families
Thro Family
Tillisch Family
Timmerman Family
Tolzmann Family
Torgerson Family
Tourtellotte, John E.
Townsend Family
Trafton Family
True Family
Truebenbach Family
Turner Family

Ueland Family
Ulman, Matthias
Ulmen Family
Urban Family

Veigel Family
Vetter Family
Vogel Family
Volk Family
Vollmer Family
Vosbeck Family
Votca Family

Wagen, Alma Kraus
Waite, Franklin H.
Wakefield, James & Family
Waldo Family
Walker Family
Walter/Walters Families
Ward Family
Warner, Dr. Charles
Warren, Thomas D.
Washburn Family
Washington, Booker T.
Washington, George
Watters, Erastus "Rast"
Watts Family
Weaver Family
WWBECHSHSber/Weber Families
Weingartz Family
Weir Family
Wellcome, Henry (Sir)
Weller Family
Wendt Family
Wenner Family
West Family
Whipple, Henry B. (Bishop)
Whitney Family
Wickersham, Moses
Widdell, Gustaf
Wiebold Family
Wiecking Family
Wiederhoeft Family
Wigley Family
Wild Family
Wilde Family
Wilder Family
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Wilke Family
Wilkinson, Morton S.
Will Family
Willaert Family
Willard Family
Williams Family
Williams, John T.
Wilmes Family
Wilson Family
Wilson, Samuel B.
Windmiller Family
Wingen Family
Wise Family
Wohlrabe Family
Wolfe Family
Wolff Family
Wolverton Family
Wood Family
Wood, Earl
Wood, Harland
Wood, Louise
Woodford Family