Robert Burns Night Celebrations

The Maple River Burns Club, which hosts Robert Burns Night, is the longest running club in Mapleton. Starting in 1857 on Robert Taylor's farm. A celebration is held each year on the Saturday closest to January 25, which is Robert Burn's Birthday. 

In the early years of the club, the group met for dinner and conversations. Starting in the 1880s, curling was added to the festivities. 

The 1935 program added the song "Rantin Rovin Robin" and was the first time the CampMor Kilties were invited to perform.

In 1966, the program added the crowing of Miss Bonnie Lass to the festivities. She would represent Mapleton in Parades and other functions throughout the Mapleton Community. 

The 2018 Robert Burns night celebration will take place on January 20 from 6-9 p.m. at the AAA Auditorium at the Maple River High School.