Sarah Christie Stevens. Superintendent of Schools.

Grace Webb
Issue Date: 
Spring 2009

Born in Ireland in 1844, Sarah emigrated with her family to America.  She was educated through college level in Wisconsin, supported by her father and brother.  During the Civil War she took time to organize the Soldiers Aid Society.  Sarah found her education to be threatened by straitened financial circumstances, but u87ltimately succeeded.  Moving to Blue earth County, she married a prosperous widower.  Sarah embarked on projects involving missions and women’s rights.  She ran for election as Blue Earth County School Superintendent, and won by a fair margin—the first woman to be elected to any office in the county.  Her duties included visiting al 137 schools in the region, welfare of the students and maintenance of the facilities.  Sarah, a life-long Democrat, lost two succeeding elections for superintendent to her Republican opponent.

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