Hubbard House Comes Alive

For many years, the Hubbard House has attracted visitors - individuals, families and tour groups. It teaches them about a family and a time period through the building and its furnishings. Currently this perfect arrangement does not teach about activities in which its inhabitants would participate. Thus, the next step for the Hubbard House is to create a "live-in" look - one that looks as though a family member just stepped out of the room.

To make the house come alive, each room will have activities including an entertaining activity for enjoying music and a cup of tea with guests in the parlor; writing, reading and sewing activities in the library; preparing fresh flowers and tea for the guests in the dining room; a baking activity in the kitchen and others.

To decide how this will occur, BECHS volunteers walked through the house and made a list of needs. Using this list, more volunteers began searching the collection for towels, musical instuments, ink pens and much more. Fabric for pillows, which will be placed in the settee to give a softer and home-like atmosphere in the Library, was also found.

Though some items were found in the collection, many were not and are still needed. So, using activites for each room, a wish list of ideas has been developed.


Though this is not a complete list of needs, it explains ways to make the house come alive. If you have an item from the 1900s or earlier that could be used at the Hubbard House or if you would like to assist in any way with this project, contact BECHS at 507-345-5566.